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8 Reasons to Freelance as a Student or Graduate

8 reasons to freelance as a student: gain practical application of knowledge and work experience, build portfolio, monetize your skills!


How Maryum Learned 5x More and Upskilled

Maryum Usmani, a digital marketing apprentice shares how she upskilled, learned technical skills and launched her career through the Qureos platform.


5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Being a Mentor

Here are 5 reasons to consider being a mentor to younger professionals: give back to students, monetize your knowledge, build your brand, gain insights..


6 Steps to Launch your Career in Social Media Marketing

If you enjoy storytelling, planning and strategizing creative ways to grow brands through social media marketing, Learn how to launch your career.


Video Resume: Creation Guide for Students & Graduates in 2021

A video resume exhibits who you are, your enthusiasm, and what you will bring to the table. Through storytelling, it helps create a great impression.


How to Find a Remote Internship? (5 Websites to Land an Internship)

Here are 5 websites to help you find and land a remote internship or apprenticeship to learn, gain experience, and transition into the workplace.


Transitioning from University to the Workplace: 8 Best Practices

Transitioning from university to the workplace can be overwhelming. Use these 8 best practices to get started on the right track and build your career.


Virtual Job Fairs: How to Make a Great First Impression? (7 Tips)

Virtual job fairs are remote virtual platforms where recruiters and job seekers meet at a designated time. Here are 7 tips to make a great impression.


8 Reasons Why Your Company Could Use An Apprentice

With numerous tasks and a limited budget, Time is money. Here are the top 8 reasons why you might want to consider working with an apprentice.


9 hacks to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile!

Optimize your LinkedIn profile with keywords and structured content to increase visibility. Use these 9 hacks to boost your ranking on search.


Remote Networking: Top 7 Tips for Building Relationships

Working remotely makes it harder than ever to meet new people and build relationships. Use the top 7 tips to build relationships through remote networking.


Virtual Coffee Chats: 7 Ways to Network Remotely

Virtual coffee chats use the power of technology to the network remotely with professionals worldwide. Here are the top 7 ways to build connections in 2021.


6 Tips for a Successful Remote Internship

Be successful with remote internships with 6 tips: Set goals, create a work schedule, ask questions, set up a workspace, ask for feedback & recommendation.


Cover Letter Writing: Ultimate Checklist for 2021

Writing a compelling cover letter in 3 easy steps: Start with introductions, Highlight the most important details about yourself and Wrap it up an offer.


How to Create a Killer Resume in 2021 with 3 Steps?

7.4 seconds. That’s all you have to impress a recruiter with your resume. This guide will help you hit the nail on the head with a killer resume.



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