Top 5 Newsletters for Young Graduates

Explore the best newsletters for young graduates to help them stay updated on all current news and opportunities.
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Mina Wasfi
December 6, 2023
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Nawal Malik

Time after graduation is tumultuous and unpredictable, so career advice for students is one of the most sought-after elements. Between job applications, running for interviews, and fretting over the perfect resume, students need all the support they can get.

In comes newsletters, the one-stop medium which keeps you up-to-date with job listings, internship opportunities, changing trends and technologies, and even scholarships! Thus, alongside blogs for advice, podcasts for career guidance, and other resources, newsletters are extremely handy. 


Top Newsletters for Young Graduates

Employable by Qureos

Employable by Qureos is a bi-weekly, community-driven newsletter that helps graduate students navigate the transition from university to the workplace. It’s perfect for both fresh graduates and even those with a few years of experience in their books. Catering to a community of ambitious professionals, Employable provides effective tips to boost your career.

For young graduates, the job search is exceptionally tricky. Employable helps you find job opportunities in the UAE and other global markets. It provides the tools, strategies, and insights that are both rare and fruitful in your job search. By subscribing to Employable, kickstart your journey to find the perfect career match!

College Info Geek

College Info Geek is an all-inclusive resource for young graduates or those in their final years of college. It understands that college presents opportunities that can transform into a remarkable career journey. Additionally, the College Info Geek newsletter channels all the fresh ambition of new grads into stellar career tips and tactics.

From building professional relationships, to upskilling, debt management, and productivity hacks, this newsletter is a fantastic guide on how to enter the workforce. It includes articles that discuss life-related topics which tend to get neglected due to a hectic college schedule like health and fitness, traveling, and passion projects. 

Go Abroad Newsletter

The GoAbroad newsletter combines travel and education into one compact resource. You can choose from 11 program directories such as volunteering, internship, studying, language school, etc. Once you’ve chosen your purpose, you are required to enter your dream or preferred destination.

This way, the GoAbroad newsletter is individually tailored to each student’s goals and ambitions. It includes several scholarships and exclusive discounts on travel programs. Students can compare and weigh each option carefully to see which one suits their needs. With GoAbroad, students can live out their travel ambitions. 


The TED organization and PBS bound together to curate a motivational and inspirational newsletter for all; and, especially for young graduates. The TED-Ed newsletter fosters continuous learning by providing a diverse range of topics and disciplines. The newsletter broadens perspectives, encouraging critical thinking and exploration of new ideas. It covers relevant career development topics, equipping graduates with valuable skills for the workplace. 

Furthermore, the TED-Ed community connects young graduates with potential mentors, highlighting the ways to build professional relationships and stand out when networking. Finally, the newsletter serves as a source of inspiration and motivation, teaching them how to build a personal brand and dominate the workforce.  

The Association for Women in Science Newsletter

The AWIS Newsletter is a highly valuable resource for young graduates, offering unique advantages and opportunities. The newsletter facilitates networking and collaboration by highlighting conferences and events tailored to women in science. Additionally, it emphasizes leadership and skill development through articles, webinars, and workshops, equipping graduates with the necessary tools for success. 

Most importantly, the newsletter addresses critical issues of gender equity and advocates for inclusion in the scientific community. Lastly, it shares career opportunities, grants, and scholarships exclusive to women in science, empowering graduates as they navigate their professional paths.


While underrated and often overlooked, newsletters are an effective way to stay in the loop with all the latest and top career opportunities. Informative, time-saving, and free, newsletters are perfect guides for young graduates. Don’t miss out on reading through these top 5 newsletters and sign up today!

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