How Selman Built Content Strategies for a Career Solutions Firm

Learn how Qureos learner built content strategies for a career solutions firm to drive growth for their business
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August 9, 2023
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Selman Razaq was a Dubai-based recent graduate venturing out into the workplace and the world of digital marketing. Launching out into the real world and starting to build a career can be overwhelming and a lot to take in at once. Selman was seeking avenues to learn and translate all his theoretical knowledge into practical skills. Having completed a master’s degree, he wanted to continue adding to his knowledge and acquiring the skills required to be successful in the workplace.

“At first, I joined Qureos because it seemed like a decent opportunity to learn. I kept coming back because it turned out to be an amazing one!”

Read on to learn more about Selman’s journey with Qureos and how you can tap into the power of apprenticeship to grow your business quickly and effectively!

Tap into a skilled talent pool

“The best part was the project-based approach to everything. We weren’t just listening to lectures – rather, we were applying what we learned from the meetings to actual projects throughout the cohorts.”

Every apprentice begins their journey on the Qureos platform by applying for a boot camp based on their interest. Currently, we have proficiencies under the following categories: sales & marketing, data science, graphic design and writing & translation. These cohorts and boot camps are led by industry professional mentors to teach practical hands-on skills. Apprentices are able to improve their knowledge, presentation and communication skills through the combination of live mentor-led conference calls, mentor feedback and peer interaction. Through a rigorous feedback process and review system, we ensure that only the top 5-10% of apprentices graduate and enter our talent pool.

Selman started off with the SEO cohort and later completed the content marketing cohort. He graduated with the highest rating for both cohorts with superior quality submissions and very strict adherence to cohort deadlines. The content and visual aspect of Selman’s work is impeccable and extremely well-detailed. 

Curb costs by working with apprentices

“The learning opportunities through the cohorts helped me work on paid projects through the Qureos platform itself. Better yet, the skills I acquired directly helped me in my efforts as a marketer in a family-owned business.”

According to a report by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), it costs employers an average of $4,129 to hire and onboard an employee. It also comes with the additional cost of salaries and benefits which makes the decision to hire a tricky one. The alternative option is to work with freelancers but it could cost about $26 to $30/hr and take many hours to find the perfect fit for your business.

When working with Qureos apprentices like Selman, you can skip long application processes and interviews as we have tested and verified apprentices for you. A profile rating and past references from other completed projects are available for you to view before making a decision. If required, you could also choose to do a quick interview with the apprentice if you would like to. We have mapped our apprentices based on the proficiencies they have completed to ensure that you receive an apprentice who has exhibited knowledge and skill on the subject before they begin working with you.

Curb costs by working with apprentices

Collaborate with trained apprentices

“The learning experience with Qureos was very positive and sometimes, intense. The only issue I had was with the time commitment required by the cohorts. But it’s understandable since they’re designed to test the learner’s skills thoroughly.”

After having completed the SEO and content marketing cohorts as one of the top scorers, Selman was ready to take on a project and apply all the concepts he had learnt. As an apprentice on the Qureos platform, Selman received the opportunity to choose from a range of projects offered by Qureos and decided to work on content marketing and SEO strategies for a career solutions firm.

The firm focused on providing professional career development services through interview preparation, career coaching and LinkedIn support. They were driven to equip candidates and job seekers with the tools required to be successful in landing full-time jobs. As a small business looking to launch into new markets and create more visibility for its business, it turned to Qureos and decided to collaborate with skilled apprentices to achieve its business goals. The company required SEO-optimized content through blog posts with a strategic plan to increase its customer base.

With a solid understanding of SEO concepts along with content marketing, Selman was in a great position to create content and high-level strategy to drive more traffic for the career solutions firm. He worked closely with members of the management team to ensure that they received high-quality work and that it aligned with their brand voice and goals. Through in-depth keyword research, Selman along with the mentor crafted various elements of blog content and structured it to be optimized for SEO and nurture website visitors and current clients of the firm.

Receive mentorship and consults from industry experts (at no extra cost)

“It was as great as I could have hoped for – I received reviews from the mentor as well as the corporate. Criticism from the mentor was highly constructive and useful. She was always honest and clear in their feedback. It made the whole learning and working experience pleasant and enjoyable.”

Every Qureos apprentice receives a mentor who will guide, review their work and ensure that they receive top-notch high-quality submissions. Mentors are industry professionals with many years of experience who are passionate about helping the next generation of talent and are looking to give back through their guidance and expertise. Choosing to work with a Qureos apprentice means that you also receive a senior industry professional to help augment the quality of the apprentice’s work ensuring that you receive the very best. Quite often, mentors receive the apprentice’s work before it is submitted and suggest methods to improve.

Submit projects in minutes for any of our proficiencies

“I feel best about projects which combine my writing skills with SEO and content marketing knowledge.”

To begin working with Qureos apprentices, Simply sign up as a business and post your first project. We will automatically find the best-suited apprentices based on your project requirements and assign them. You could also choose your own apprentice for a nominal fee or request your favourite apprentices again. It’s extremely easy to post your projects and get started right away.

Submit projects in minutes for any of our proficiencies

What are Selman’s future plans?

“I want to continue to grow in my skills, deeper and wider. I would also love to work with companies involved in any way in sustainability and tap into entrepreneurship.

I believe Qureos will help with this process – in gaining a deeper understanding of the relevant topics through the practical design of the cohorts and projects as well as being introduced to new topics through the variety of it.”

Selman has enjoyed working on SEO and content marketing projects and is open to keep sharpening his skills through other corporate projects. He is also interested in learning and working on sustainability-related topics with companies that have a similar outlook.

In his free time, Selman loves taking long drives, exploring new places and dabbling in photography/videography. He also enjoys reading and writing articles, and watching shows on Netflix and hopes to begin investing time in reading books.

How can Qureos help you?

Qureos is building a highly skilled talent pool with apprentices like Selman who are driven to learn and grow. We are redefining the way work is completed by making it faster and simpler to collaborate with apprentices and young professionals from all over the world. Our apprentices are young go-getters who will partner with you and help drive growth for your business by thinking out of the box with creative solutions. Signing up as a corporate on the Qureos platform is a quick and easy process- get started and post your first project today!

If you’d like to learn more about all the buzz at Qureos, contact us or check out our socials!

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