Gain hands-on experience and build a job-winning portfolio

Complete industry specific projects and get one step closer to landing your dream job

Map the Customer Experience and Craft a Winning Value Proposition

From validating the problem to writing a compelling value proposition, learn the essential steps to creating a successful product.

Improve Customer Retention with Data - Driven Insights

Leverage data analysis to identify key customer insights and improve retention rates to fuel business growth.

Boost Brand Visibility with SEO Content

Harness the Power of SEO content to expand a website’s reach and boost brand visibility.

Build an Effective Brand Awareness Campaign

Create a comprehensive social media and email marketing campaign to boost brand awareness!

Design the User Experience For A Mobile App

Build your product design portfolio to gain experience, showcase relevant skills and become job-ready!

Data Storytelling: Analyze Data and Build A Narrative

Complete an end-to-end data analytics project to show the right experience & skills on your portfolio.


The journey you will take


Get Started

Enroll and follow the instructions to get started with the project


Plan It Out

Set an execution plan and allocate the time to complete the project.


Get Support

To get feedback on your project, schedule a 1:1 session with a mentor.


Get Featured

Add the project to your portfolio & get recommended to employers.

Frequently asked questions

How much does this project cost?

This project is free.

Is this a live project or is it self-paced?

This is a self-paced project, however, you have the opportunity to schedule live 1:1 sessions with mentors.

How do I get started?

You get right to it! Look at the prerequisites to make sure you have everything. Then, let the project overview and clear instructions help you get started with Part 1 of the project.

How can I connect with a mentor if I need help?

You can book calls with Qureos mentors here.

How can I get a job after doing a project?

The projects you do are a great addition to your portfolio and will make you stand out to the employment partners at Qureos.

What is the evaluation criteria for a project?

The mentors and employers will assess the quality of your work, the potential impact, and the real-life application of your project.