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The Emiratisation initiative aims to empower local professionals by encouraging them to actively participate in UAE’s economic development. Private sector organizations with 50 employees or more are expected to achieve a two percent annual growth rate in the Emiratisation of skilled jobs to avoid penalties for non-compliance.

  • Empower Emirati Success
    Keep up with the evolving business landscape and pave the way for Emiratis to excel in impactful positions, reaching new heights of success
  • Build a Collaborative Workforce
    Encourage diversity in the workplace by including Emirati insights, creating a dynamic and inclusive team environment.
  • Strategic Recruitment Solutions
    Our AI-powered recruitment platform Iris, ensures you meet your 2024 goals ahead of time, preventing non-compliance penalties

How to Avoid Emiratisation Fines?

  • Empower Emirati Success
    Companies failing to meet the prescribed Emiratisation quotas may face fines which are subject to variance, depending on the shortfall in required Emirati employee numbers
  • Submit Your Reports
    Failure to submit regular reports detailing Emiratisation efforts and the number of Emirati employees may result in fines.
  • Don’t Fake Employee count
    Fines may be imposed if a company is found to have misrepresented the number of Emirati employees or engaged in any fraudulent activities related to Emiratisation.
  • Comply with Tawteen Guidelines
    Tawteen, the council overseeing Emiratisation initiatives, may establish guidelines, and failure to comply with these guidelines could lead to fines.

Important Emiratisation Deadline: December 31st, 2024

According to MoHRE, UAE private sector firms have to reach their semi-annual targets of 1 percent Emiratisation till December 31, 2023. Under the Nafis program, companies with 20 to 49 employees, those that fail to employ at least one Emirati in 2024 will face a fine of Dh96,000 ($26,000).

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Frequently asked questions

Why is Emiratisation important?

The Emiratisation plan mandates the employment of Emiratis in public and private sectors. The initiative aims to increase the number of Emiratis in the UAE workforce

What is the upcoming Emiratisation deadline?

The upcoming Emiratisation deadline as outlined by MoHRE is the 31st of December 2024. It is important for companies to ensure that the quota for hiring Emirati talent is met. 

How can companies prepare to avoid getting fined?

It is essential for companies to ensure that all the different requirements and conditions outlined by MoHRE for emiratisation are fulfilled. The information of these people are added into the portal timely to avoid any kind of penalties or fines.