How to Create Work Friendly Culture In UAE

Learn how to foster a work-friendly environment in the UAE that promotes Emiratisation with inclusive policies

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Javeria Khan
March 8, 2024
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Nawal Malik

The United Arab Emirates is a cultural hub that brings people from across the world together for professional opportunities. It is imperative for recruiters and employers in the UAE to build a work-friendly culture in the UAE to ensure that employees feel valued and motivated. 


Let’s take a look at how employers in the UAE can create a work-friendly culture; 

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How to Create a Work-Friendly Culture? 

Building a work environment that welcomes and supports talent requires a comprehensive approach that addresses diversity, inclusion, and employee engagement. 

1. Diversity in the Workplace:

The concept of workplace diversity extends beyond mere representation; it encompasses the inclusion of individuals from various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Embracing a diverse workforce not only enhances creativity and innovation but also promotes better problem-solving and decision-making. 

To achieve this, companies can hire diverse talent, implement inclusive policies, educate managers, and create employee-led task forces. Providing career programs, engagement opportunities, and mentorship initiatives empowers individuals, while workplace flexibility accommodates diverse needs. Embracing diversity is pivotal in UAE's context, promoting innovation and boosting business success.

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2. Inclusive Workplace Policies:

Developing inclusive policies that cater to the unique needs of all employees is crucial. These policies may range from religious holiday observances to on-site daycare facilities. Ensuring non-gendered restrooms, offering flexible work hours, and using language translation tools like a mobile workforce app all contribute to making the workplace more inclusive. 

By acknowledging and accommodating different backgrounds and requirements, employers can create an environment where talent feels respected and supported.

3. Career Counseling and Training Programs:

Investing in employees' professional growth through career counseling and training programs is a strategic move that benefits both individuals and the organization. These programs can empower talent with the skills needed to excel in their roles and climb the career ladder. 

By providing accessible resources for continuous education and development, companies send a strong message that they value their employees' growth and contributions.

4. Opportunities for Employee Engagement:

Creating platforms for employees to engage with each other and the organization is vital. Employee engagement initiatives, such as internal communication strategies and employee-led task forces, allow employees to voice their concerns, ideas, and suggestions. 

This collaborative approach promotes a sense of belonging and demonstrates that the organization values every employee's input, regardless of their background.

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5. Workplace Flexibility:

Offering workplace flexibility, including options for remote work and flexible hours, acknowledges the diverse needs and circumstances of employees. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for working parents, commuters, and those who require special arrangements.

Recognizing and accommodating various work styles can contribute to employees' overall well-being and job satisfaction.

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As the UAE strives to create a more inclusive workforce, these factors collectively contribute to a work environment that attracts, retains, and nurtures talent. Amid the dynamic changes in the UAE's job market, which witnessed an unemployment rate of 2.75% as of December 2022 and an employment change rate of 2.00% in March 2020, creating a work-friendly environment that supports talent is a strategic imperative for businesses seeking long-term success.‚Äć‚Äć

Creating a work-friendly place is a multifaceted endeavor that involves understanding the cultural intricacies of the UAE, and fostering an inclusive, supportive environment. By promoting diversity, implementing inclusive policies, and offering growth opportunities, organizations can cultivate a workforce that thrives in a positive and productive work culture.

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