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Haider Raza

Co-Founder @ DealCart


The experience we have had with Qureos has been amazing. The caliber of the candidates Qureos sourced with us really amazed the entire team. We have hired for 2 roles through Qureos so far and are really pleased. We are looking forward to more hirings through Qureos.

Adam Whitnall

CEO @ Drive Ninja


The apprentices stood head-and-shoulders above other candidates. They are intelligent, motivated and ambitious to succeed. We couldn't have asked for better.




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DP World shortens their hiring process from 45 days to 14 days.

Yousuf uses Qureos to attract the right early career Emirati candidates, diversify their talent pool, sort through applicant volume, and save his team time.

Careem reduces time to review candidates by 60%

Ghazanfar uses Qureos to reduce applicant review time, engage diverse talent nationwide, and gain critical insights into his talent pipeline.

Remotepass increases qualified talent pipeline by 3x

Amir uses Qureos to efficiently source relevant candidates that are ready to interview and proceed.