About us

With a mission to accelerate 100 million careers, Qureos is revolutionizing the way young people learn and work by offering job matching, one-on-one mentorships and hands-on projects, across in-demand fields.

Our AI-powered engine matches candidates with our 100+ partner companies, including Nestle, DP World, and Careem. Qureos members hear back from recruiters 3x faster and increase their chances of getting hired by 10x.

Arabic: Inquisitive
English: A strong desire to learn or know something

Meet the Founders

Alexander Epure
Chief Executive Officer

Alexander Epure is the CEO & Co-founder of Qureos. Prior to founding Qureos, Alexander served as Sales Director at Swvl and Global Account Manager at Cisco, where he developed a reputation for driving results and building strong relationships with clients.

In addition to his work, Alex is deeply committed to mentoring the next generation of entrepreneurs. He regularly shares his insights and experiences with young professionals

Usama Naeem Nini
Chief Business Officer

Usama Naeem Nini is the co-founder at Qureos. He was previously an Entrepreneur in Residence at Swvl in Dubai, where he led global expansions across UAE, Jordan, and KSA.

He is deeply committed to leveraging data analytics, machine learning, and automation techniques to drive product efficiency. In his spare time, Usama enjoys playing cricket and engaging in football discussions.

Mehrad Yaghmai
Chief Technology Officer

Mehrad Yaghmai is the co-founder at Qureos. He is also an award-winning creative entrepreneur, technologist, and innovator who has made his mark in a wide variety of industries, including D2C e-commerce, AdTech, and EdTech among others. In his previous life, he was the host of the Dubai-based ventures podcast Streams of Progress.