Optimize Candidate Screening and Shortlisting

Shortlist exceptional candidates and get match ratings with advanced AI matching

Screen and Shortlist Exceptional Candidates

Iris employs advanced AI algorithms to meticulously analyze both job requirements and candidate profiles. It subsequently offers match ratings, pinpointing the candidates best suited for the role. This ensures informed and strategic hiring decisions.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Leverage Iris’s ATS to streamline candidate management, from sourcing to onboarding

Public vs Private

Choose between exclusive or public listings with Iris, balancing privacy and visibility.

Job Boards

Expand your reach by posting your jobs on 100+ job boards, including LinkedIn, Indeed, and Glassdoor.

AI Matching

Make data-driven decisions with AI Matching, which provides candidate matching percentages and concise summaries.

AI Video Interview

Gain insights into candidates' skills, personality, and how well they match your company culture.