How to Find Emirati Jobs in the UAE (2024 - Updated)

Uncover 10 essential tips for finding Emirati jobs in the UAE. Gain expert guidance to navigate the vibrant job market in 2024.
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January 1, 2024
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Safa Asad

With its vibrant economy and diverse professional opportunities, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a sought-after destination for job seekers. The Emirate of Dubai, in particular, offers a thriving job market with a wide range of industries. If you're contemplating a career in the UAE, this article unveils valuable insights and essential tips to help you navigate the Emirati job landscape in 2024. 

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Tips for Finding Emirati Jobs in the UAE (2024 - Updated)

Looking for Emirati jobs in the UAE has its own challenges but if you plan it out right, you will end up finding the right opportunity for yourself. So if you are wondering,

How to find Emirati jobs in the UAE?

We have you covered below!

1. Define Your Career Goals:

Before diving into your job search, take the time to clarify your career goals and identify the industries and positions that align with your aspirations. Research the UAE job market to understand the sectors experiencing growth and the skills in demand. This will help you target your efforts and focus on relevant job opportunities. We also recommend familiarizing yourself with strategies to build your personal brand and elevate your career.

As Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum once said, 'The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it.' So, envision your path, craft your personal brand, and embrace the boundless opportunities that await you.

2. Polish Your Resume/CV:

Tailor your resume/CV to meet the expectations of Emirati employers. Highlight your skills, experiences, and achievements that are directly relevant to the positions you're targeting. Emphasize any international experience, language proficiency, or cross-cultural skills that may be advantageous in a cosmopolitan work environment like the UAE.

Qureos can help you check your resume score. When you upload your resume, an AI-powered system will analyze it for grammar, spelling, formatting, and key information. Receive an overall score and a detailed report with feedback and optimization suggestions to impress recruiters and hiring managers in the UAE.

Mina Wasfi, a career and business coach at Qureos, wisely advises, 'A strong resume can open up opportunities. Take it from me; I regularly go through weak CVs of wonderful potential and am always passionate to help out!' 

3. Utilize Online Job Portals:

Online job portals are a valuable resource for finding Emirati jobs. Websites such as Bayt, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Naukrigulf feature a wide range of job listings across industries. Create detailed profiles on these platforms, upload your updated resume/CV, and set up job alerts to stay informed about relevant openings. Actively apply for positions that match your skills and experience. Don’t forget to optimize your LinkedIn profile for the hiring season.

As Omar Sultan Al Olama, the UAE Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Remote Work Applications, stated, 'We have seen certain sectors like aviation, automobiles, and transport completely transformed into technology-driven industries. They are increasingly becoming technology-driven sectors and no longer dependent on humans.' 

Al Olama's insight highlights the changing landscape of industries in the UAE. Leverage platforms like Bayt, LinkedIn, Indeed, and Naukrigulf to showcase your skills, connect with employers, and stay updated on job openings. Be proactive and maximize the digital landscape to advance your career in the UAE.

4. Leverage Networking:

Networking is highly influential in the UAE job market. Attend industry events, professional seminars, and conferences to connect with professionals in your field. Engage with relevant LinkedIn groups and participate in online discussions. Expanding your network can lead to valuable connections, referrals, and insights into hidden job opportunities.

In addition to in-person events, consider exploring mentor-led community events at Qureos that can help you prepare for the real world. If attending physical events is challenging for you, these virtual gatherings offer valuable insights and guidance. You can also explore one-on-one mentorship opportunities at Qureos, where industry experts provide personalized guidance tailored to your specific needs. Expand your professional horizons and receive support from experienced mentors through the resources available.

"Throughout my career as an HR professional, I've realized the importance of networking and finding a supportive community. Building connections and engaging with professionals in your field can lead to valuable opportunities and collaborative problem-solving. Join us at Qureos to expand your network and thrive in the dynamic UAE job market." - Javeria Khan, People and Culture Manager at Qureos.

5. Engage with Recruitment Agencies:

Recruitment agencies play a vital role in the Emirati job market, connecting job seekers with suitable opportunities. It is advisable to register with reputable agencies that focus on your industry and have a strong presence in the UAE. Notable examples include Gulf Talent, Robert Half UAE, and Hays UAE. These agencies boast established relationships with local employers, offering valuable support throughout the application process, career guidance, and the potential for suitable job matches. To maximize your chances, tailor an effective resume that highlights relevant skills and experience that align with your desired career path.

Recruitment agencies are a valuable resource for job seekers in today's competitive market. They offer hidden opportunities, expert guidance, and personalized support. According to Josef Zoldan, Managing Director of Z Search Group, 'Recruitment agencies serve as a vital bridge between job seekers and their dream careers.'

6. Research Company Websites:

Directly explore the websites of Emirati companies and organizations that interest you. Many companies in the UAE advertise job openings on their websites or have dedicated career sections. Regularly visit these websites to check for job postings and follow their application procedures. 

Submitting your application directly and adding a personalized message can sometimes give you an advantage over other candidates.

Here’s an example of a personalized email:

Dear [Name of Recipient}.

I was delighted to come across your company's website and learn about the exceptional work you are doing in [industry/sector]. I was particularly impressed by [mention an initiative by the company that aligns with your career goals], which sparked my interest even further.

As an experienced [job title] with a solid background in [relevant skills/experience], I am genuinely enthusiastic about the opportunity to apply for any suitable job openings within your organization.

Please find attached my updated resume for your consideration. I am especially eager to contribute to [specific project/initiative] and strongly believe that my skills align well with your team's goals.

Thank you for taking the time to review my application. I eagerly await the possibility of joining your dynamic team and making a meaningful impact at [company name].

Best regards,

[Your Name]

Researching company websites is essential when pursuing job opportunities. As Fatima Mazhar, founder and managing partner of Eman Consulting, wisely advises, 'Before applying, make sure to thoroughly research the company and understand their activities. Check their website, LinkedIn profile, and social media for open positions. Reach out to the recruitment team when possible, as they play a crucial role in the screening process.' By taking these steps, you can demonstrate your dedication and enhance your chances of securing a role that aligns with your interests and qualifications.

7. Seize Opportunities at Career Fairs:

Career fairs are a fantastic opportunity to meet employers face-to-face and learn about job openings. In the UAE, various career fairs are organized throughout the year, catering to different industries. Research upcoming career fairs in your field and come prepared with copies of your resume/CV. Engage in meaningful conversations with recruiters and make a memorable impression. You can also read up more about how to stand out at networking events.

Career fairs offer valuable opportunities for both recruiters and job seekers. As Uwanma Odefa, Talent Acquisition Management Lead at Xfly, emphasizes, 'Career days are a good matchmaking event for recruiters/employers and job seekers. Take advantage of them.' Engage with employers, showcase your skills, and be prepared for on-the-spot interviews. Don't miss out on the chance to make meaningful connections and seize the opportunities presented at career fairs.

8. Develop Cultural Understanding and Adaptability:

In addition to possessing the necessary skills and qualifications, employers in the UAE often value candidates who demonstrate cultural understanding and adaptability. Take the time to learn about Emirati customs, traditions, and business etiquette. Familiarize yourself with the local work culture, including the emphasis on teamwork, respect for hierarchy, and the importance of maintaining professional relationships. Showing a genuine interest in and respect for the Emirati culture can make a positive impression on employers.

Tsedal Neelay, the Naylor Fitzhugh Professor of Business Administration, and Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Development and Research Strategy, emphasized the importance of developing cultural understanding in his piece for the Harvard Business Review, 'Rather than assuming we’ll work in one location, in our native culture, we will need new skills, attitudes, and behaviors that help us work across cultures. My five-year study of the global workforce at Rakuten, the Japan-based e-commerce powerhouse, gave me a close-up look at what will drive success for this new type of global worker.' 

9. Consider Professional Development and Upskilling:

To stand out in the competitive Emirati job market, consider investing in professional development and upskilling opportunities. Enhance your skills by attending workshops, webinars, or certification programs relevant to your industry. Stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in your field and acquire any necessary certifications that may be valued by employers in the UAE. Demonstrating a commitment to continuous learning and professional growth can make you a more attractive candidate. 

Qureos offers valuable resources to support your career advancement. Our platform includes podcasts that cover various topics such as career guidance, digital marketing tips, recommended SEO tools, portfolio creation, tips to ace job interviews, and more. Explore Qureos to access these resources and take proactive steps towards enhancing your professional journey.

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To thrive in the fiercely competitive Emirati job market, investing in professional development and upskilling is essential. According to Drew Schuetz, Innovative Leader & Sr. Project Manager at Motorola Solutions, 'Teaching new, advanced skills to employees shouldn’t be seen as a favor from organizations, but a necessity for companies to thrive in fiercely competitive markets.'

10. Stay Updated on Visa Regulations:

Understanding the visa regulations and work permit requirements in the UAE is crucial for securing Emirati jobs. Stay informed about the latest immigration laws and consult the official website of the UAE government or seek legal advice to ensure you have accurate information. Familiarize yourself with the visa processes and requirements specific to your situation.

In a significant policy change, the UAE has eliminated the grace period for visit visas, imposing fines as soon as the permit expires. As Sataish Naeem Baloch, Senior Attorney and Immigration Expert, highlights, 'Staying informed about visa validity and compliance is crucial to avoid penalties and travel disruptions.' Visitors are now responsible for departing before the last day of their visa to avoid financial consequences. It is essential to stay updated on visa regulations and seek guidance from travel agents if needed.

Explore penalties for labor law violations

Final Thoughts

Navigating the Emirati job market in the UAE demands a proactive and focused approach. By leveraging the power of the 10 tips given above, you can significantly enhance your prospects of securing suitable employment in the dynamic job market of 2024. With dedication and the right strategies in place, you are poised to embark on a successful professional journey in the UAE. Your dream career awaits – seize the opportunity and make it a reality.

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