How to Create a Killer Resume in 2024 with 3 Simple Steps?

7.4 seconds. That’s all you have to impress a recruiter with a resume. This guide will help you hit the nail with a killer resume.
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January 1, 2024
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Looks like it’s time to begin the dreaded job-searching process. Whether you’re a student looking for an internship or a recent graduate gearing up for your first job, it’s equally tiresome and painful. But most of it all depends on making a killer resume.


Why do you need to make a Killer Resume?

Do you know how much time an HR professional will spend reviewing your job resume?

By using an eye-tracking technique, a study by Ladders, Inc. revealed that the average screening time for a candidate’s job resume is 7.4 seconds.

A Resume is reviewed for 7.4 seconds by the HR team

Here is another mind-boggling statistic, According to Glassdoor, every job opening attracts 250 job resumes on average out of which 4-6 are invited for an interview and 1 person receives the job offer. Looking for a job or internship? Here's a quick guide!

Statistic- Competition in the job market

How to Create a Killer Resume in Three Steps?

It can seem daunting but use the practical tips given below to create a killer resume that will grab the attention of resume reviewers and help get your foot in the door with an interview:

1. Choose a creative resume format

2. Structure your content

3. Build your resume for each individual job application

1. Choose a Creative Resume Format

Moving away from the traditional bullet-pointed resume format will be a welcome change. Modern job resumes with a creative format will allow you to add colour palettes, and infographic designs and help you stand out from the crowd.

Using a modern job format will give you an edge over your competitors

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While it’s best to create your creative resume on Illustrator or Photoshop, it does require some design skills and knowledge of Adobe software. The alternative is to use a free downloadable templates on word and use it as a guide to get creative.

Need for using creative resumes

2. Structure Your Content

Laying down your content in a structured chronological order is most effective and popular with both recruiters and job seekers.

One Glance is all you get from a recruiter. Be Creative and Make it Count!

• Name, Professional Title & Contact Information – Enter your full name along with your most recent job title. Alternatively, you could also add the job function instead of a designation if you are aiming to transition to a higher position and don’t want to limit your opportunities (eg: ‘marketing’ instead of ‘marketing specialist’). Do not forget to add a professional email address and your phone number – LinkedIn profile/portfolio links are optional.

• Photograph – While there is a little bit of controversy on whether this is a good idea, we strongly recommend adding a picture as it gives a lot more personality to your job application.

• Resume Summary – Write a description entailing your goals, objectives, career path and why you’d be a good fit for the company

• Professional Experience – Include headlines for every position held but provide elaborate tasks and responsibilities for the most recent or most relevant position held. If you don’t have any corporate experience, feel free to add an internship, apprenticeship, part-time volunteer, freelance or academic experience.

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3. Tailor your Resume for each Individual Job Application

While generic surveys are so much easier to mindlessly forward, it’s far more effective to tailor your resume to suit the job requirements and get yourself a fighting chance to earn an interview.

According to a research study conducted by Zety, the success rate of job applications is 2-3.4% which means.

Send out over 50 Applications = 3.4% conversion rate = 1.7 – Land a Job

This conversation rate will improve drastically if you send out more targeted resumes keeping the following best practices in mind:

  • Dissect the job description and identify keywords and the job requirements
  • Insert keywords from the job description to talk similar language on your resume
  • Identify all the job requirements in the job description and modify your resume to evidently show that you fulfil the requirements, ideally with metric achievements.
  • Use the company’s colours on your resume
  • Add the company logo on your resume
  • Write your resume in an active voice
  • Submit the resume in a PDF format
  • Spell-check your resume with Grammarly
  • Include a cover letter with your resume
  • Keep your resume short and to the point – 1 to 2 pages
  • Include portfolio or links to other websites if required
  • After the application is submitted, reach out to the hiring manager or talent acquisition from the employer and express your motivation to join the company.

If you have followed the steps above, pat yourself on the back because you just created a killer resume! 

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Use tips to gain a new job!

Go forth and use these techniques to create a killer resume, get noticed and land your dream job! If you’d like to learn more about all the buzz at Qureos, contact us at or check out our socials!

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