Looking for a job or an internship? Here’s a quick guide

Looking for a job or internship? Here's a quick guide! Build your portfolio, Upskill yourself. Kick start your career with Qureos
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August 9, 2023
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Looking for a job or internship? Here’s the thing, we all know how exhausting job searching already is. Thanks to the pandemic, the process just got a lot more stressful. There were some who had drastic career changes while some who just graduated and were heading towards the path of kick starting their careers. We’ve all had our own struggles, and you’ve almost made it. So, for that, give yourself some well deserved credit!

Everyone has their own ways of looking for jobs based on what has worked well in the past. It could be searching on job portals, networking on sites like LinkedIn, or even reaching out to employers directly. We’re not here to tell you what’s the most effective way of doing this, but it’s important to understand that there’s a lot more you can do whilst looking for work. In no particular order, here goes:

1) Build your portfolio

We cannot stress enough how effective a good portfolio can be. Sure, it’s no replacement for a resume, but it allows you to showcase and visualize the skills listed in your resume.

Having a strong portfolio gives your application an edge over hundreds of CVs.

You could include anything from a project, work from your previous jobs or internships, or even demonstrate your goals. There are plenty of websites that can help you get started with this, such as, the infamous Wix.com, Squarespace, WordPress, Adobe Portfolio, and many more. 

AND if you don’t have previous work experience or are confused about what exactly to include in your portfolio, bid farewell to your worries. By signing up as an apprentice on Qureos, you can Learn, Earn, and Accelerate!

What’s in for you?

  • You get to be a part of the Qureos Talent Hub, which serves as a great learning platform for you to upskill.
  • You get to work on a range of paid micro-projects that help you build relevant work experience.

Trust us, you got some great portfolio content right there!

Oh wait, did we mention what the best part is? You can do all of this and more on the platform for FREE!

2) Don’t. Stop. Learning

Two words: up-skill & re-skill

In simple words, upskilling refers to improving one’s skills to work within the same job, but with an improved skill set resulting in adding more value to the organization. Whereas, reskilling essentially means learning new skills to work on a different job. 

Analyze and track the current trends in the industry you work in and see what you need. While upskilling will help you improve in your current line of expertise, reskilling will smoothen and ease your transition between jobs. 

To get started, do your own research. There are plenty of courses available online, both free and paid. For instance, if you are passionate about digital marketing, or would like to expand your skill set by learning more, companies such as Google, Facebook, and Snapchat offer insightful courses that explain the ins and outs of topics that interest you.

 So, NOW is the time to get started!

3) Networking is key

As a job hunter, it is important to let your network know what you’re looking for. Make use of the platforms available to you. Networking goes a long way and opens the door to long term opportunities. It plays a massive role in fostering career development.

Seek mentorship and reach out to people in your industry. Gaining advice will give you great insights and help you grow professionally.

There are several ways in which you can reach out to the right people. For instance, you could start off with networking on LinkedIn by interacting with relevant connections. Don’t shy away from asking for their opinions and advice!

On Qureos, we have some amazing industry mentors who are keen on sharing their knowledge and help their mentees grow. So, if you’re stuck on a Qureos project or need feedback, our mentors come to your rescue. Curious to see some of the mentors? Have a look here!

All in all, looking for jobs or internships anywhere counts as a full-time job and listed above are a few recommendations on things you can do on the side. However, bear in mind that learning constantly throughout the process is essential. To sum up, you can work on projects, freelance, build your portfolio, network, and more. BUT don’t overwork yourself and take regular breaks!

If you’re keen to learn more about Qureos, feel free to contact us, live chat on our website, or hit us up on our socials. We would be more than happy to give you a quick demo of how the platform works.

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