12 Podcasts to Listen to for Career Guidance

Here's a compiled a list of career guidance podcasts that you can listen to for free!
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August 21, 2023
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Nawal Malik

Everyone needs career advice at some point in their lives. If you’re confused about where to look for help, you have come to the right place. 22% of all internet users, or 464.7 million people worldwide, are expected to listen to podcasts in 2023. Hence, career guidance podcasts are becoming the ultimate source of comfort and insight when struggling professionally. 

Whether you’re uninspired, looking for a change, or an aspiring entrepreneur, these career podcasts cater to everyone. Hosted by various specialists boasting more than two to three decades of experience, listen now to access a wealth of insider knowledge and techniques. And if you’re looking for direct one-on-one mentorships, Qureos can help you with that. 


Best Career Podcasts to Listen in 2023

1. Squiggly Careers

Apple Podcast Rating: 5/5

Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper are the career guides you’ve been searching for. Discover the ABCs of career planning to get your dream job! Go through 300+ episodes to learn about career development, upskilling, optimizing job applications, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle alongside the professional chaos. Squiggly Careers is personalized career coaching for anyone who needs it! It’s a holistic and straightforward podcast that leaves listeners feeling stirred and excited for their futures. 

2. The School of Greatness

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8/5 

With over 1400 episodes, The School of Greatness is the ultimate feel-good career guidance podcast. Lewis Howes – entrepreneur and All-American athlete - helps you navigate everything from building your personal story, networking, mindfulness, and skill-building, to maintaining a healthy lifestyle – and more! Featuring successful figures from all fields, like Casey Neistat, Larry King, Rupi Kaur, and Mike Tyson, tune in to soak in the valuable life lessons this podcast has to offer. 

3. How to Be Awesome at Your Job

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.5/5

Pete Mockaitis walks us through making an impact and maximizing results at work. The How to Be Awesome at Your Job podcast will instruct you on doing exactly that! Get fresh and insider tips on how to level up your skills, like time management, problem-solving, multitasking, and more! It’s your weekly career guidance podcast that provides the ultimate skill-building techniques. 

4. Career Relaunch

Apple Podcast Rating: 5/5

Growing out of your job? Considering a significant career change? We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to go through that alone. Career shift consultant Joseph Liu navigates listeners through the emotionally, physically, and monetarily taxing (but worthy!) journey of career changes. Career Relaunch produces interviews with careerists that left behind a life of monotony for a rewarding and motivating profession which are both reassuring and reinvigorating. 

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5. The Art of Speaking Up

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.9/5

If you’re a professional woman in a career world built for men, this podcast is for you. Unlearn the patriarchal socialization that convinces women they’re not good enough. Host Jessica Guzik honors the driven and brilliant women fighting for recognition in leadership or backstage positions and highlights their struggles. With more than 200 episodes, Guzik empowers women to rediscover their inner voices, tackle imposter syndrome, and find the right career. 

6. StartUp

As one of the oldest running career guidance podcasts, StartUp by Gimlet Media has made headlines and amassed a monthly average of 1 million listeners for its revolutionary career guidance. It shows the real truth of starting your own business and attempting to manifest the entrepreneurial lifestyle. If you’re bustling with original ideas and want some guidance on their implementation, this podcast is for you! 

7. Good Life Project

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.5/5

For a lot of career-driven individuals, it’s easy to get caught up in work and deadlines. About 59% of Americans reported burnout in 2022, on par with the pandemic year of 2020 which saw the highest record of employee burnout. The Good Life Project (GLP) helps you prevent that for yourself. Whether you’re recovering from burnout, figuring out a work-life routine, or wanting a more fulfilled, happier life, this career guidance podcast is perfect for it. Learn to master productivity, contentment, and balance.

8. Pivot

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8/5

Pivot with Jenny Blake gives you the push you need to choose a better, more fulfilling, and meaningful career. She teaches us to get comfortable with change and the fear it brings. The podcast attempts to help you build your personal brand and develop a stronger career. If you’re looking to embrace uncertainty for greener job opportunities, Pivot gives you the career guidance to do just that. 

9. Happen to Your Career

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8/5 

Scott Anthony Barlow has curated the perfect career guidance podcast. Covering every topic, from networking tips, pivoting careers, and the right time to quit a job, to finding clarity and meaning in your work – Barlow encourages us to make our career, not the other way round! Be two steps ahead on your career journey with the valuable tools and resources this podcast unravels. Listen now to impress hiring managers and be remembered for the great things you do. 

10. Side Hustle Pro

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.8/5

Nicaila Matthews Okome goes into what it’s like for Black women to start their own businesses. Side Hustle Pro, therefore, becomes a great career guide for any BIPOC individual to take inspiration from. Okome’s inspiring podcast reveals full-proof strategies to turn your side hustle into a flourishing enterprise. It opens a new realm that explains why diversity and representation are so important in business. Moreso, why it’s crucial to leave your mark – and how to do so. 

11. The Break

Apple Podcast Rating: 4.5/5

Every Wednesday, Career Cloud Radio puts out a refreshing episode with professionals from all career paths. They inspire you to be bold and break away from conventional job norms to achieve your dream life. From job searching strategies to finding your passion, hear from startup founders, entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and other ambitious individuals. Understand how to design a gratifying and exciting career for yourself!

12. Scaling Up Services

Apple Podcast Rating: 5/5

This one’s for our committed, versatile, yet perhaps overworked CEOs, founders, and managers! Though they are the foundational driving force of every company, they need career guidance as well. Scaling Up Services knows this and produces honest and uncomplicated episodes on how to grow your business. It offers reliable advice regarding the expansion and progress of your brand, for free! 

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