Specialized Programs For Emirati Graduates to Develop Future Skills

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Safa Asad
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December 29, 2023
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Safa Asad

Graduation is a crucial time for any student as it is the end of a long educational journey and finally stepping into the professional world. It is a time bound to make one feel excited yet nervous, hopeful yet scared, and overwhelmed. Sometimes, fresh graduates need to prepare for the challenges of the real world. On other occasions, students do extensive research and have built some relevant experience to take on their new roles! Emirati fresh graduates have various choices as they graduate, especially since the launch of the government-led Nafis program; companies are looking for strong Emirati candidates with the right skills to occupy several positions across various industries. However, it is of utmost importance that Emirati graduates can handle the option and choose a career path well-suited to their personality, interests, and passion. 


The Importance of Emirati Graduates Kickstarting Their Career

Emirati graduates are positioned in their country's development, and making informed career choices is paramount for their success. In the United Arab Emirates, the government strongly emphasizes nurturing a skilled national workforce to drive economic diversification and growth. Emirati graduates must align their career decisions with the UAE's strategic goals, remain globally competitive, and balance their choices with cultural values. 

Therefore, making informed career choices offers Emirati graduates financial stability and security while allowing them to navigate the diverse opportunities within the UAE's dynamic job market. Researching and planning career pathways empowers Emiratis to select educational pathways that equip them with the necessary skills, positioning them for success in various industries. Emirati graduates' dedication to staying informed about industry trends, networking, and seeking mentorship ensures personal growth and a vibrant and prosperous future for themselves and their nation.

Specialized Programs for Emirati Graduates

The National Acceleration Program

The National Acceleration Program by Emirates Airlines reinforces its commitment to UAE National development with innovative programs to empower Emiratis on their career journey within the Emirates and Dnata Group of companies. These programs are tailored for ambitious Emiratis with diverse academic backgrounds, significantly boosting their professional development.

Emirates offers a suite of career-boosting programs for Emiratis, including: 


  • Take off an Internship Programme that grants students from global universities up to 12 months of hands-on experience, networking opportunities, and mentoring within the Emirates Group. 
  • The International Bachelor Scholarship Programme provides full academic scholarships to high-achieving high school students in the UK and the US, ensuring they receive Bachelor's degrees and career opportunities with Emirates and Dnata. 
  • The Fly High Graduate Programme is a 36-month management training program for top graduates, offering aviation training, international assignments, and leadership roles within the Emirates Group. 
  • Lastly, the Master Scholarship Programme supports UAE National employees pursuing Master's degrees at prestigious universities, aligning with Emirates Group's Emiratisation strategy for consistent talent growth. 
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The Apprentice Program

The Apprentice Program by Nafis offers fresh Emirati graduates a unique opportunity to gain practical experience through apprenticeships in private and semi-public companies. This hands-on exposure enhances their professional competence and fosters valuable industry connections, greatly increasing their employability in the job market.

The Career Counseling Program

The Career Counseling Program by Nafis empowers UAE nationals by providing individual and group counseling sessions and career assessment services. This personalized guidance equips participants with the tools to identify their strengths, enhance their skills, and make informed career decisions, ultimately enhancing their career prospects.

The Talent Program

The Talent Program by Nafis supports Emiratis in up-skilling or re-skilling, enabling them to stay competitive in today's job market. By continuously improving their skills and exploring new career opportunities, participants can achieve long-term professional growth and flexibility in their career choices.

The Job Offers Program

The Job Offers Program by Nafis simplifies the job search process for Emiratis by offering a centralized platform for private-sector job postings. This platform optimizes job matches, making it easier for Emiratis to find fulfilling career opportunities that align with their skills and interests, ultimately accelerating their career success.

Specialized Courses For Emirati Students

Specialized courses are crucial in advancing Emiratisation and contributing to the UAE's economic growth. These programs are aligned with the country's nationalization priorities, addressing specific skill gaps and nurturing local talent. By offering training in technology, healthcare, aviation, and finance, these courses ensure that Emiratis are equipped with the essential competencies needed to thrive in critical industries. This targeted approach strengthens the nation's workforce and offers a competitive edge on the global stage, supporting the UAE's overarching goal of economic diversification. Emirati graduates can also enroll in portfolio projects by Qureos to gain hands-on experience, develop in-demand skills, and gain relevant experience to stand out in a competitive job marketplace. 

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Specialized courses facilitate the emergence of successful graduates who benefit from tailored training and hands-on learning.  For instance, technology-focused graduates often go on to lead innovative tech startups or work for multinational tech giants, contributing to the UAE's reputation as an emerging tech hub. Similarly, healthcare program graduates may become doctors and nurses in world-class medical facilities, further elevating the country's healthcare sector. Moreover, these courses often emphasize innovation and entrepreneurship, encouraging graduates to become pioneers in their fields, creating their ventures, or contributing to the growth of existing businesses. As the UAE continues to foster a vibrant learning environment through specialized courses, it simultaneously paves the way for a prosperous future where Emiratis are well-prepared to lead in key industries, promote national talent, and drive the nation's economic growth.


In conclusion, continuous learning and skill development are beneficial and essential for Emirati graduates. By embracing lifelong learning, they can stay ahead in a rapidly evolving job market and seize promising opportunities. Making informed choices about career paths is the first step towards realizing their full potential. Emirati graduates are welcome to explore jobs at Qureos, where they can find opportunities for their talents to thrive and contribute to meaningful work in dynamic and innovative industries. 

Emirati graduates who invest in education and skill enhancement open doors to a world of possibilities, where their expertise and dedication can fuel their success and contribute significantly to the growth and prosperity of the United Arab Emirates.

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