Commission Pay

What Is Commission Pay?

Commission pay is a form of variable compensation wherein employees receive a portion of their earnings based on the sales they generate or specific performance metrics they achieve. It is performance-related pay designed to incentivize employees to increase their productivity and contribute to the company's revenue. 

This system is commonly used in sales roles, where sales representatives may earn a percentage of the sales they make in addition to their base salary. For example, a sales rep might earn a 10% commission on each sale, motivating them to increase their sales volume.

How Is Commission Pay Calculated Or Settled?

Commission structures can vary widely, and they may be based on factors such as individual performance, team performance, or company-wide targets. Both employers and employees need to have a clear understanding of the commission structure in place to ensure fair compensation.

Commission pay is typically calculated as a percentage of sales revenue, often multiplied by a commission rate specific to the role or industry.

What Are Some Common Commissions Pay Structures?

  • Straight commission is based on a percentage of sales, without a fixed salary component.
  • Salary plus commission is received on a base salary along with additional earnings based on sales performance.
  • Tiered commissions are rates that may vary based on achieving different levels of sales targets.
  • Gross margin commission is a form of compensation tied to the profitability of sales and rewards individuals or teams for generating sales with higher profit margins.
  • Residual commission, also known as passive commission, continues to be earned over time for sales or services that have recurring or ongoing value.

Commission Pay Policies In The UAE:

In the UAE, commissions and bonuses may not be considered part of the basic wage, according to legal sources. The UAE regulator has proposed rules to impose a cap on commissions, suggesting that the amount paid as commission should not exceed 10%. 

For comprehensive details on commission policies and regulations in the UAE, it is advisable to consult official government sources or seek legal advice.

Commission Pay Policies In Saudi Arabia:

In practice, commission pay policies in Saudi Arabia are typically determined by individual employment contracts or agreements between employers and employees. These contracts may specify the terms and conditions of commission-based compensation, including the calculation method, payment frequency, and any performance metrics tied to commission earnings.


Clear performance metrics and sales targets are crucial in aligning commission incentives with organizational objectives. Commission pay plays a pivotal role in motivating sales-driven individuals and teams, aligning their efforts with organizational goals and objectives. Understanding its nuances and potential benefits is essential for both employees and employers in sales-focused roles. 

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