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labor Inspection

labor Inspection

Q. Who conducts labor inspections in the UAE, and what powers do they possess?

Labor inspections in the UAE are carried out by special labour inspectors from the Ministry of labor and Social Affairs, empowered to ensure compliance with labor laws and offer technical guidance to employers and workers.

Q. What responsibilities does each labor inspector have according to the UAE Labor Law?

Each labor inspector is responsible for ensuring compliance with labor laws, providing technical advice to employers and workers, identifying shortcomings, and recording violations. 

Q. What are the main responsibilities of labor inspectors in the UAE while conducting the inspections? 

Labor inspectors play a crucial role in ensuring that workplaces adhere to legal standards in terms of work conditions, remuneration, health and safety, and the fair employment of young individuals and women. If current measures fall short, inspectors take on the responsibility of notifying relevant authorities and proposing effective solutions. 

Q. Do labor inspectors get any special training for conducting inspections? 

Yes, Ministry of labor and Social affairs of UAE give them training for the following: 

  • Organizational guidelines for inspection visits and interactions with businesses and employees.
  • Methods of checking registers and books.
  • Educating and aiding employers in the interpretation and application of legal documents, as well as the benefits of doing so.

Q. What actions the Labour inspector could take following a visit?

If a violation of law is found during inspection, an inspector will document the violation in a report and submit it to the competent labor department for necessary action.

Q. What Reports are Prepared by the Chief labor Inspector in the UAE?

The chief labor inspector in the area prepares a monthly report on labor inspection activities, including aspects of inspection, facilities inspected, and types of violations. Additionally, an annual report on inspection results, effects, and proposals is prepared. Copies of these reports are sent to the labour department.

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