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Disciplinary Rules

Disciplinary Rules

Q. What types of disciplinary actions can be implemented for employees in the UAE?
‍ Employers can impose disciplinary measures on workers, including warnings, fines, suspension with reduced pay, denial or deferment of periodical allowances or promotions, dismissal with or without prejudice to severance pay.

Q. What are the circumstances that warrant disciplinary penalties?

As per the UAE labor laws, the disciplinary regulations should clearly define the specific situations that warrant each disciplinary penalty. It is recommended that the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs provides a standardized table outlining disciplinary actions and rewards. This table can serve as a helpful guide for employers when navigating disciplinary matters.

Q. How are fines to be registered and implemented in the UAE?

Fines imposed on workers must be recorded in a special register, including reasons and circumstances, the worker's name, and wage amount. 

These fines should be deposited into an account to cover workers' social welfare costs, according to a resolution from the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs.

Q. What restrictions apply to the denial of promotion as per the UAE labor laws?

The withholding of a promotion cannot extend beyond a single promotional cycle. If the penalized worker is determined to meet the relevant criteria, they will be promoted in the next available promotion cycle.

Q. Can disciplinary measures be taken against an employee for actions committed outside the workplace?

Disciplinary measures may not be enforced on a worker for actions conducted outside the workplace in UAE, unless such actions are connected to their work, the employer, or the relevant manager. .

Q. What is the process for imposing disciplinary penalties in the UAE?

Disciplinary measures should not be enforced upon an employee without providing written notification of the charges, holding a hearing, and allowing an opportunity for the employee to present a defense. The details, including the penalty, must be documented in a dedicated file for the employee. Additionally, the employee must receive written notification specifying the imposed penalties, outlining their nature, amount, reasons, and potential consequences for repeated offenses.

Q. Is it possible to impose a temporary work suspension on an employee in the UAE?

An employee facing accusations of intentional offenses or strike-related actions may undergo temporary suspension pending an official decision by the competent authorities. During this suspension, the worker is not entitled to wages. If it is determined that the allegations are unfounded or the worker is acquitted, reinstatement and full payment for the suspension period occur unless the employer acted maliciously.

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