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Workers’ Safety, Protection, Health And Social Care

Workers’ Safety, Protection, Health And Social Care

Q. What obligations do employers have regarding the safety of their workers?

‍Employers must implement appropriate safety measures to safeguard workers from occupational injuries, diseases, fire, and other hazards associated with work. This includes complying with safety regulations prescribed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Workers are required to use provided protective gear, follow employer instructions for hazard protection, and avoid actions that hinder such protection.

Q. What are the first-aid provisions provided by the employer to the worker? 

‍ Employers must provide one or more first-aid boxes containing medicines. The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs may specify additional first-aid materials. For every 100 workers, there must be one first-aid box conveniently located and easily accessible. A specialized person should be assigned to manage these boxes.

Q. What are the PPE requirements in UAE?

As per UAE Labor Law, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide their workers with essential Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for safeguarding them against workplace hazards. This includes items such as protective clothing, helmets, goggles, gloves, and any other required equipment.

Q. What measures does UAE labor law have in place to ensure the safety of workers in the workplace?

As per the laws, it is the employer's obligation to; provide the necessary means of protecting workers from the hazards of occupational injuries and diseases that may occur during work, place instructional boards with awareness materials and provide appropriate training to workers to avoid such risks.

Q. Could you outline the employer's responsibilities regarding workplace cleanliness and facilities requirements in the UAE?

‍ Employers must ensure workplaces are clean, well-ventilated, properly lit, and equipped with adequate drinking water, toilets, and sanitation facilities. This complies with regulations set by relevant government authorities.

Q. Are employers obligated to provide safety training to employees according to UAE regulations?

As per the UAE laws, employers are generally obligated to provide safety training to their employees in accordance with the country's regulations. The UAE has specific laws and regulations that govern occupational health and safety, and employers are required to take measures to ensure the well-being of their workers.

Q. Are there provisions for social care or support services for workers in the UAE?

Yes, there are offices in courts to provide legal support to workers in labour disputes and labour care units have been established across the UAE to provide protection for workers and raise their awareness of their rights.

Q. How are workers with special needs or disabilities accommodated in the workplace as per UAE labor regulations?

According to the law, a person's special needs shall not be a reason to deprive him/her of their rights and services especially in welfare as well as social, economic, health, educational, professional, cultural and leisure services. They have the right to work and occupy public positions. Further, it stipulates that the private sector should be encouraged to integrate people of determination into their institutions and grant them exemptions and privileges.

Q. What services must employers offer to workers in remote areas without regular transport?

As per the UAE laws, following should be provided to the workers:

  • Suitable means of transport.
  • Suitable living accommodation.
  • Drinking water.
  • Adequate food supplies. 
  • First-aid facilities. 
  • Recreation and sports facilities. 
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