10 Best Otta Alternatives in 2023

Looking for the perfect hiring platform? Check out our curated list of the 10 Best Otta Alternatives in 2023! Discover cutting-edge recruitment tools and software that will transform your hiring process. From intelligent candidate matching to streamlined applicant tracking, these top alternatives offer a range of features to suit your unique needs. Stay ahead of the hiring game with our expert recommendations and find the ideal platform to attract, assess, and hire top talent efficiently and effectively.

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In a fast-paced world, for a recruiter staying organized and managing schedules effectively is essential for productivity and balance. While Otta has been a popular choice for many individuals and businesses, there are several fantastic alternatives that offer unique features and functionalities. Whether you're a professional seeking seamless scheduling or a team looking for collaborative solutions, these ten alternatives are worth considering. Let's explore the top alternatives to Otta that can help streamline your daily recruitment activities and enhance productivity.

Pros and Cons of Otta:

With Otta, you can easily hire underrepresented talent for various roles by receiving inbound applications and using sourcing. This product aims to make the tech industry accessible to talented candidates from diverse backgrounds. You can attract top candidates to your job ad and showcase in-depth details about your company, including its mission, values, and culture. As a result, you can achieve a 3x higher response rate when you find the perfect match.


  • Otta creates detailed company profiles for each employer on the job board.
  • Employers do not need to craft their own job descriptions. Otto does that too.
  • Free job posting appeals to companies of all sizes.


  • The disclosure of salary information is a must.

What Are the Best Alternatives To Otta? 

1. Qureos 

Qureos is currently leading our list of recruitment tools, and it deserves its position for several compelling reasons. The game-changing AI scout called Iris has completely transformed the hiring process, saving you valuable time and promptly delivering the most exceptional candidates in just 24 seconds. Engaging in a straightforward conversation with the AI-driven chatbot grants you access to an extensive array of profiles, each accompanied by a match rating, offering a clear and comprehensive view of the ideal candidate for your organization.

Yet, Qureos doesn't stop there; it goes above and beyond by not only presenting profiles but also by generating tailor-made job descriptions and automatically posting your job vacancies to more than 100 job boards. Furthermore, it crafts personalized emails for prospective candidates, expertly highlighting why they are the perfect fit for the role. One truly impressive aspect of Qureos is its multilingual capability, facilitating seamless communication in over 20 languages.

Other Core Features: 

  • Communicate in 20+ languages
  • Can provide a list of candidates within 24 seconds
  • Gives a score to the selected candidate profiles 
  • Can create unique job descriptions 
  • Screen candidates and shortlist


The FREE plan offers all the essential recruitment features of sourcing, matching, and engaging with the right candidate for two weeks. The basic plan starts from $99/month.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable recruitment tool that shouldn't be overlooked. It lets you find candidates from a vast professional network with 40+ search filters, keywords, and intelligent matching. You can reach out to candidates and build meaningful connections using the messaging tool, inMail, and customize your messages with templates. Additionally, collaboration tools help you organize candidates in your pipeline and share profiles and history with your hiring team.

LinkedIn's projects feature keeps candidate information centralized and shareable with your team members. It also enables you to generate custom reports to align with your company's hiring needs and usage reports to track your hiring team's activities.

Other Core Features: 

  • 40+ advanced filters 
  • Custom reporting 
  • InMail performance data 


These are some of the latest LinkedIn pricing indications: 

  • Recruiter Corporate: $10.800 per seat billed annually (or $1080 per month)
  • Recruiter Lite: $1.680 per seat billed annually (or $170 per month)
  • Business premium (not a Recruiter license): $576 billed annually (or $60 per month)

3. Hired

If you need skilled tech talent, Hired is the place to go. You'll find a pool of top-notch candidates who are already screened for experience, skills, and salary expectations. Resumes only give a partial picture, but with Hired's real-based skill assessments, you'll get deeper insights to find the right match quickly. Plus, you can learn about candidates' salary expectations and work preferences for fair and open negotiations, free from biases.

Other Core Features: 

  • Customized assessments for free
  • Live coding playbook
  • Remote hiring filters 
  • Bias reduction mode 


It offers two different plans; Pay per Hire and Unlimited hiring, and details could be availed by requesting a demo.

4. Indeed

The list of Otta alternatives would be incomplete without a mention of Indeed. This platform not only provides a well-organized list of candidates but also offers sponsored job postings to enhance your recruitment efficiency, saving you precious time and energy. Moreover, Indeed allows you to incorporate screener questions and assessments to evaluate applicants' skills effectively. Additionally, you can seamlessly schedule interviews and track the overall progress of your hiring process, all in one convenient place.

Other Core Features:

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Application Management
  • Assessment Management
  • Billing & Invoicing 


Starting from $150/user

5. Cord

If you are searching for tech talent, Cord is the ideal platform for you. It helps you get relevant candidates with proficient experience and provides their essential information, including salary expectations and visa statuses. This saves you the hassle of sifting through numerous profiles. Cord offers a clear picture of individuals actively looking for jobs through email and Slack notifications. Additionally, its built-in templates and follow-up outreach messages can help you convert potential candidates into your pipeline.

With Cord, there's no need to manually share calendars. The platform automatically shares your schedule with selected candidates and even handles interview scheduling for you.

Other Core Features:

  • Interviewer Scheduler


The pricing starts from £789/month and if you need a customized plan, you can get it for £1,389.


6. Dice

Dice is a must-have resource on our list that we simply couldn't overlook. It serves as an ideal platform to connect with and attract engineers, developers, analysts, and technicians for your tech hiring needs. With Dice, you'll find your essential tech hiring partner, allowing you to post jobs, efficiently manage them through seamless workflows, and track applicants using the Dice Match Score relevance. Moreover, Dice enables you to set your job posts apart through distinctive and dynamic branding options. Make the most of Dice to source, connect, and win the top talent in the tech industry. 

Core features: 

  • Employer branding
  • Advanced sourcing 


Dice offers several subscription options, including a monthly plan for $395, a quarterly plan for $995, and an annual plan for $3,495. 

7. Monster

If you're seeking alternatives to Otta, consider exploring "Monster." This versatile platform is a valuable resource whether you require contractors, part-time, or full-time employees. With Monster, you gain access to a vast database of 2,000+ pre-written job descriptions, which you can leverage or customize to effectively stand out and attract the perfect candidates for your needs. Moreover, the platform expedites the hiring process by automatically sending your job listings directly to potential candidates' inboxes, ensuring broader outreach. Additionally, you'll receive notifications when candidates who match your criteria create accounts, further expanding your pool of prospects. Monster is an indispensable tool for streamlining your recruitment efforts and connecting with the right talent.

Core features:

  • Skill Assessment


Monster offers three different plans; Monster +, Standard, and Premium. The pricing starts as low as $12 per day, making it an affordable option for those seeking essential features. 

8. Glassdoor

If you want your brand to truly stand out among competitors, the next logical step is to leverage Glassdoor. This platform provides you with an excellent opportunity to showcase your distinctive mission statement, logo, and other key elements that define your brand identity. Moreover, it empowers you to shape and control your brand perception by highlighting awards, ratings, and reviews, while offering valuable analytics to monitor how your brand is perceived.

In today's competitive job market, jobseekers are increasingly cautious about scams. Glassdoor comes to your aid by amplifying your authentic brand voice through featured reviews and responses, fostering trust among potential candidates. 

Core Features

  • Advertising management
  • Job marketplace 
  • Customizable branding


It offers a free plan, but you can access additional features by opting for the paid version and contacting their sales team.

 9. Lever

Lever provides an all-inclusive solution that combines a comprehensive applicant tracking system (ATS) with a powerful candidate relationship management (LeverCRM) platform. This integrated software equips you with the ability to communicate with applicants through personalized email correspondence effortlessly, enhancing the candidate experience and streamlining your recruitment processes. Moreover, Lever goes above and beyond by providing comprehensive dashboards with advanced predictive analytics, enabling you and your team to monitor and evaluate your recruitment efforts effortlessly.

Other Core Features: 

  • ATS with loads of useful integrations
  • Personalized email templates
  • Readymade and customizable dashboards


The pricing of Lever is not standardized; instead, it is customized based on the specific package and product chosen by each company.

10. SmartRecruiters 

SmartRecruiters offers cutting-edge cloud-based recruitment software designed to boost your team's efficiency and elevate the candidate experience throughout the entire hiring process. With this innovative tool, you can conveniently provide feedback, monitor scorecards and interviews, and submit interview feedback via the mobile app. It eliminates the hassle of working between systems and syncs all candidate emails and messages to one convenient applicant tracking system. You can also gain key insights with end-to-end recruiting analytics and real-time recruiting data dashboards. 

Other Core Features:

  • Cloud recruiting software
  • Mobile recruiting
  • Recruitment Marketing


The pricing is not readily available on its website. You can request a demo to get pricing details.




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1. What can I use instead of Otta?

If your goal is to optimize your hiring procedure and discover the best candidates more effectively, Qureos presents a compelling option compared to Otta. 

2. Is there a free version of Otta?

Yes, it offers a free version.

3. How much does Otta cost per month?

For Otta pay, you need to contact their sales team. 

10 Best Otta Alternatives in 2023

Alternative: Qureos

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