Best 5 Newsletters for HR To Read

Discover these top 5 must-read newsletters curated exclusively for hiring and HR.

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June 5, 2024
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In today's competitive job market, staying up-to-date with the latest trends and strategies is crucial for successful organizational management. People make up companies; thus, empowering HR with top recruiting tools for hiring the best talent is important. HR divisions must look at the technical skill, cultural fit, and personal branding of every candidate as the hiring world diversifies. 

What is HR newsletter?

An HR newsletter is a periodic publication that provides employees with information about human resources-related topics, such as benefits, policies, and upcoming events. It is a great way to keep employees informed and engaged.

To navigate these newly developed recruitment layers, we’ve compiled a list of thoroughly researched HR newsletters providing rare yet valuable insights. They’re packed with industry knowledge, practical tips, and innovative approaches to help you master HR metrics, attract top talent, and build a winning team. Whether you're a seasoned HR professional or new to the hiring game, these top 5 newsletters have something for everyone! 

Best Newsletters to Read For HR (2023)

There are many great HR newsletters available, but here are a few of the best:

1. Hired by Qureos

Gone are the days of dull and monotonous HR newsletters. Hired by Qureos is here to spur up trends as an informative, captivating, and meaningful newsletter. Peppered with entertaining writing and exclusive HR tips, Hired acts as your one-stop hiring guide! 

The bi-weekly issue revolves around a variety of topics such as key industry insights (like statistics on Gen Z for employers) and company updates. Sign up today to become part of an exclusive HR community that can also access Iris, the new Qureos AI recruiter!

2. The Assist 

The Assist is an exceptional resource that includes incredible insights, light-hearted anecdotes, and brutally honest HR advice. What’s best is the personal touch that The Assist carries, with each feature specifically tailored to the needs of HR teams. Overall, it provides valuable content covering a wide range of topics, including talent acquisition, employee engagement, payroll management, and HR technology. 

While the newsletter speaks of improving the candidate experience, it also emphasizes work-life balance and breaks for HR employees. Several professionals testify to the positive impact The Assist has made on their productivity, wellness, and performance at work! 

3. We Love Humans 

We Love Humans by Lattice is a community-driven newsletter that spotlights real and raw HR stories to enhance every HR professional’s work life. This newsletter takes a holistic approach, focusing on employee retention, company culture, and fostering a thriving team environment. With a strong emphasis on creating a people-centric approach, We Love Humans offers valuable insights, research-backed strategies, and actionable tips for HR professionals.

Moreover, the newsletter covers topics such as performance management, DEI strategies, mental health in the workplace, HR connect events, and even job opportunities! With its engaging content, thought-provoking articles, and practical advice, it produces a refreshing take on HR that drives organizational success.

4. Workology

The Workology newsletter is a fantastic resource for HR professionals seeking to stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving HR trends and landscape. Workology stands out for its comprehensive approach, offering special access to what’s being said by more than 500,000 revolutionary HR leaders! With Workology, you’re challenged to not just follow trends, but set them. 

Furthermore, Workology is committed to delivering diverse and inclusive content. The newsletter features articles, career podcasts, and webinars from industry experts, thought leaders, and practitioners, offering a wealth of perspectives and experiences. As a reader, you’ll receive case-study insights, HRCI and SHRM recertification credit courses, and exclusive community access to discounts and events! With its focus on continuous learning, Workology is a go-to HR newsletter for staying informed and changing the HR world to suit your company’s needs.

5. Granted

Experience a one-of-a-kind newsletter; Granted by Adam Grant, an esteemed organizational psychologist, professor, and acclaimed author. This monthly publication goes beyond the conventional HR newsletter format, creating a personal exchange with Grant himself. With a unique approach, the newsletter delves into the realms of motivation and meaning, both in the workplace and in personal life.

Grant's distinctive writing style breaks the mold, making you feel as though you're conversing with an insightful and intellectually stimulating friend. Each edition brings forth innovative ideas and empirical evidence, bridging the gap between work and psychology. With a wide readership of over 250,000 individuals, the newsletter delivers impactful insights that foster personal growth and provoke introspection in management and employees.

Why an HR newsletter is important?

HR newsletters are a great way to keep employees informed about important human resources-related topics. They can also be used to build a sense of community and engagement among employees. A well-written HR newsletter can be a valuable tool for any HR department.


By subscribing to these top-tier newsletters, HR professionals can access a wealth of expert guidance, and actionable strategies to optimize their recruitment processes and achieve organization-wide wins. Stay ahead of the curve, elevate your HR practices, and make well-informed decisions with these indispensable resources at your fingertips. Sign up today and unlock the power of knowledge in the realm of hiring and HR management!

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