What is Sick Leave?

Sick leave or medical leave of absence refers to a benefit provided by employers that allows employees to take time off from work due to illness or health-related issues without loss of pay.

Types of leaves:

How Does Sick Leave Work?

Employees request sick leave when they are unwell or unable to work due to health reasons. Employers typically have policies outlining the procedures for requesting and approving sick leave.

Is Sick Leave Paid or Unpaid?

Sick leave policies vary by employer. Some companies offer paid sick leave, providing compensation for the duration of the absence, while others offer unpaid leave.

Are There Legal Requirements for Sick Leave?

In some jurisdictions, legal mandates require employers to provide a certain number of sick leave days or ensure access to paid sick leave for employees.

What Can Sick Leave Be Used For?

Sick leave can be used for various health-related reasons, including personal illness, medical appointments, caring for sick family members, or addressing mental health issues.

How is Sick Leave Different from Other Leave Types?

Sick leave specifically caters to health-related absences, distinguishing it from other types of leave such as vacation leave, which is intended for planned time off.

Can Employees Use Sick Leave for Preventative Care?

Some sick leave policies allow employees to use sick days for preventative care, such as routine health check-ups or medical appointments.

What Documentation Might Be Required for Sick Leave?

Employers may request documentation, such as a doctor's note or medical certificate, especially for extended periods of sick leave or specific policy compliance.

Are There Limits to Sick Leave Entitlement?

The employers may set limits on the number of sick leave days an employee can take within a certain period to prevent abuse of this benefit.

How Does Sick Leave Impact Employee Rights and Productivity?

Sick leave provides employees with the necessary time to recover and care for their health, promoting well-being and potentially reducing the spread of illnesses in the workplace, ultimately contributing to increased productivity.


Sick leave is a workplace benefit that allows employees to take time off due to health-related issues without losing pay. It supports employee well-being, addresses health needs, and may contribute to a healthier and more productive workforce. Policies regarding sick leave entitlement and compensation vary by employer and jurisdiction.

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