Counter offer

What is a counter offer?

A counter offer in the context of organizations refers to a response made by an employer to a job candidate's initial job offer, proposing different terms or conditions, typically related to base salary, benefits, or other aspects of the employment arrangement. This offer is presented when the candidate negotiates or requests changes to the initial job offer.

Counter offer in the Workplace:

A counter offer is a response made by an employer to a candidate's initial job offer, suggesting different terms or conditions in response to the candidate's negotiations or requests for changes.

How should employers respond to a counter offer?

Employers should carefully consider the counter offer and assess whether the proposed changes are reasonable and within the organization's budget and policies. They can then decide whether to accept, negotiate further, or maintain the original offer.

How to handle a counter offer from an employer?

Consider the counter offer carefully. Evaluate whether the new terms align with your career goals and priorities. If the counter offer meets your expectations and requirements, you can accept it. However, if you decide to decline, do so respectfully and professionally.

Is it common to receive a counter offer during job negotiations?

Yes, it's relatively common for employers to provide a counter offer when candidates negotiate terms. This demonstrates an openness to finding mutually agreeable terms and reflects the employer's interest in the candidate.

What to include in a counter offer letter:

In your counter offer letter, express gratitude for the initial offer, clearly state the terms you'd like to negotiate (e.g., salary, benefits, start date), provide reasons or justifications for your requests, and maintain a professional and positive tone.

Is it possible to negotiate other aspects besides salary in a counter offer?

Besides salary, you can negotiate various aspects like benefits (healthcare, retirement plans), work schedule, telecommuting options, job responsibilities, and professional development opportunities.

Are counter offers common in the job market of UAE and Saudi Arabia?

Yes, counter offers are a common practice in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Employers in these regions recognize the importance of accommodating candidates' preferences within reasonable bounds to attract and retain top talent.


A counter offer is a crucial aspect of the negotiation process in employment. It allows candidates to express their preferences and employers to evaluate the feasibility of accommodating those preferences. In the dynamic job markets of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, understanding and effectively managing counter offers can contribute to successful recruitment and employee satisfaction.

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