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Collective labor Disputes

Collective labor Disputes

Q. Can a company file a case against an employee in the UAE?

The employer can file a complaint to MoHRE in case of a breach of the terms or the employment contract or of their rights as per the labor Law. In all cases, no claim for any rights due will be heard after one year from the date of violation. When the case is in the court, the employee can apply for a temporary work permit from MoHRE to work with another employer until the case is resolved. Learn the provisions and procedures for submitting an individual labor dispute.

Q. How are labor disputes resolved in the UAE?

Where a dispute occurs between one or more employers and all or a certain group of their workers, which the parties fail to settle amicably, certain procedures shall be followed, including submitting complaints in writing and mediation by the labor department.

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Q. What happens in UAE when mediation between the employer and worker does not lead to a settlement?

If the skilled efforts of the labor department fail to resolve the dispute within ten days of acknowledging the issue, it will gracefully pass the matter to the conciliation committee for a decision, ensuring both parties receive written notification promptly.

Q. What happens if it's discovered that the employer raised an unreasonable dispute, and the worker was not at fault?

As per the UAE laws, penalties or administrative actions may be taken against the establishment or the employer, only after settling or resolving the dispute as per the laws.

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Q. What happens if the labor complaint leads to the worker's cessation of work? 

According to the UAE labor laws, the work permit will be canceled after six months from the date of referring the complaint to the labor court. 

Q. How can workers in the UAE seek assistance for labor-related grievances or legal matters?

Workers can contact MoHRE's 'labor Claims and Advisory Call Centre' at the toll-free number 80084.

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