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Leaves Policy

Leaves Policy

Q.  How many annual leaves a worker gets in KSA, and under what conditions can it be increased?

Employees are entitled to thirty-six (36) days of paid annual leave per year of service. This leave is compensated at the employee's current base salary.  For leave periods of thirty (30) days or more, advance disbursement of salary for the leave period may be possible.

Q. Do employees have the option to give up their annual leave or get paid instead in Saudi Arabia?

No, the employees are not allowed to give up their annual leaves and get paid for it. If the worker has not taken any leave, the employer decides the leave dates based on work needs and informs the worker at least thirty days in advance.

Q. How many maternity leave days are typically granted to an individual in KSA?

Before the delivery date, female employees are entitled to a maternity leave of four weeks. After delivery, they get six weeks of leave where the woman is not allowed to work. The expected delivery date is determined by the firm's physician or based on a medical report certified by a health authority. 

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Q. What are the official working days in Saudi Arabia? 

The number of the official working days shall be from Sundays to Thursdays. The official leaves are:

  • The weekends: Fridays and Saturdays of each week.
  • The Saudi National Day.
  • Eid (Feast) holidays.

Q. What benefits does a female worker get after returning to work from maternity leave?

Upon returning to work after maternity leave, a female employee is entitled to rest periods, not exceeding one hour in total per day, for nursing her infant. These periods are considered part of the actual working hours and do not result in any reduction in wages.

Q. Can a worker take a paid leave to perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia, and what is the eligibility criteria?

Yes, as per the laws, an employee can take paid leave to perform Hajj once during his service, but there are certain conditions he must adhere to. The worker must not have performed Hajj before and should have completed at least two consecutive years of service with the company. The leave duration is between ten to fifteen days, including the Eid Al-Adha holiday. 

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Q. If an employee gets sick, what kind of paid leave can they get in Saudi Arabia, and how long does it last?

As dictated in the law, if an employee gets sick, they can get paid leave for the first thirty days, then three-quarters of their wage for the next sixty days, and after that, they won't get paid for the next thirty days. This is all within one year, starting from the first sick leave, and it can be continuous or on and off.

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