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Employment Contract

Employment Contract

Q. How is the work contract documented, and is a written contract necessary?

As per the laws, there should be two copies of the work contract, each party keeping one. However, even if it is not available in the written form, a contract is still considered valid. In such cases, the worker can establish the contract and their entitlements through various methods of proof. Either party can request a written contract at any time. 

Q. If you are looking for a job in KSA, what should a work contract include?

According to the provisions of the law, the work agreement shall primarily include the name of the employer, venue, the name of the employee, nationality, identification, wage agreed upon, type and location of work, date of employment, duration of the contract if fixed.

Q. How long is the probation period for an employee in Saudi Arabia, and can the contract be terminated during this time?

If a worker is in a probation period, it must be clearly mentioned in the work contract. This probation period cannot be more than ninety days, excluding holidays and sick leaves. Both the worker and the employer have the right to end the contract during this period unless the contract specifies that only one party has this termination right.

Q. What happens when a fixed-term contract expires in KSA, and are there conditions for its renewal?

As per the laws, when a fixed-term contract comes to an end, the company and the employee can keep working without signing a new one. But, there must be conditions for renewing the contract such as a certain time after which you have to renew your contract. 

Q. In Saudi Arabia, can an employee's payment classification be changed without any written consent?

According to the Saudi Labor laws, a monthly-paid worker cannot be reclassified as a daily-paid, weekly-paid, or hourly-paid worker unless the employee agrees in writing and without prejudice to the rights acquired during the period spent as a monthly-paid worker.

Q. Does an employer have the right to transfer an employee without their consent?

No, an employer cannot transfer the employee to a different location that changes the worker's place of residence if such a transfer is likely to cause serious harm to the worker and is not justified by the nature of the work.

Q. How can an employee check their work contracts in Saudi Arabia? 

To view your current employment contract, follow the steps below: 

  • Log in to your Qiwa individual account.
  • Go to 'Services' and select 'Employment Contracts'.
  • Select 'Your current contracts'.
  • Review your current employment contract(s). You can view the contract in preview or full size.