What is Qiwa? What are the Benefits of Qiwa in Saudi Arabia?

Are you interested in learning about Qiwa and its significance in Saudi Arabia?

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July 9, 2024
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Are you interested in learning about Qiwa and its significance in Saudi Arabia? Look no further! In this blog, we'll delve into what Qiwa is, its role in the Saudi Arabian business landscape, and how enterprises harness its potential.

Qiwa, an online platform with a diverse range of services and support programs, caters to companies of all sizes, from startups to large corporations. It aims to bolster entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development. 

In Saudi Arabia, Qiwa plays a pivotal role in realizing the Vision 2030 objectives, which encompass transforming the country into a global investment hub and a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship.

Qiwa serves as an inclusive and accommodating platform for any company seeking to expand and diversify its operations within Saudi Arabia. It represents a significant initiative that has the potential to stimulate economic growth and create new opportunities for entrepreneurship and business development in Saudi Arabia.

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What is Qiwa?

Established by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Qiwa is an online platform designed to simplify and streamline the process of founding and operating businesses in the Kingdom. 

This integrated platform provides a multitude of services and tools for businesses, including company creation, issuance of commercial permits, access to financial institutions, and access to training and development programs. 

Qiwa's primary objectives include fostering entrepreneurship, attracting external investments, and creating employment opportunities for Saudi citizens, all of which contribute to improving the business environment in the Kingdom. By offering a seamless and efficient business ecosystem, Qiwa in Saudi Arabia aims to enhance the competitiveness of local companies and support the nation's economic growth.

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What is the Significance of Qiwa in Saudi Arabia?

Qiwa plays a crucial role in Saudi Arabia's economic growth. It provides a user-friendly digital platform that makes it easy to start and manage businesses. This is done by streamlining government services such as banking, licensing, and registration.  

Moreover, Qiwa goes a step further by offering training programs aimed at empowering entrepreneurs in the swiftly evolving business landscape. 

Here's a concise breakdown for Qiwa:

  • Aligned with Vision 2030
  • Opens employment opportunities for Saudis
  • Fosters entrepreneurship
  • Contributes to economic development
  • Creates a business-friendly environment
  • Drives economic diversification

Saudia‚Äôs Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Eng. Ahmed Al Rajhi, summed up the significance of Qiwa perfectly when he said, ‚ÄúQiwa platform is a platform for empowerment, localization and business continuity. Eventually it will be the engine of the job market in the future‚ÄĚ.

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benefits of qiwa

What are the Benefits of Qiwa in Saudi Arabia?

Qiwa serves as an all-encompassing and unified platform, contributing to the growth and enhancement of businesses while promoting economic diversification and ensuring the nation's sustainable future. Within the Saudi context, Qiwa offers a multitude of advantages, 10 of which are:

1. Register Businesses Easily:

Qiwa simplifies and expedites the company registration process for Saudi entrepreneurs and small business proprietors, allowing them to fulfill all prerequisites online, eliminating the need for physical visits or multiple interactions with governmental entities. 

This efficiency considerably reduces the time and effort required to initiate their enterprises.

2. Access Government Services with Ease: 

Qiwa consolidates various government services onto a single platform, encompassing access to banking facilities and the issuance of business permits. Consequently, conducting business within the Kingdom becomes more straightforward, leading to increased efficiency and reduced bureaucratic hurdles.

3. Access Business Funding:

Qiwa provides access to a spectrum of financial services, including loans and funding opportunities, facilitating business expansion and improvement. For SMEs, this platform presents an array of financing alternatives, simplifying the process of securing funds for their ventures. Users can tap into private-sector funding sources and government-supported lending programs, offering a wealth of financial possibilities.

4. Offers Skills Training: 

Qiwa offers comprehensive training and development programs, equipping entrepreneurs and business owners with the competencies and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's competitive business environment. 

These initiatives assist small business proprietors and entrepreneurs in overcoming common obstacles and acquiring the proficiencies required to excel in Saudi Arabia's competitive business landscape.

5. Facilitate Job Creation:

Qiwa plays a pivotal role in facilitating employment opportunities for Saudi nationals, aligning with the Vision 2030 objectives of job creation and reducing dependence on oil by promoting entrepreneurship and fostering enterprise expansion within Saudi Arabia.

6. Support for SMEs: 

Qiwa tailors its services and support to meet the specific needs of SMEs, offering streamlined registration processes, access to funding avenues, and training and development programs. SMEs constitute over 99% of all enterprises in Saudi Arabia and employ more than 70% of the private sector workforce, making them a vital component of the Kingdom's economy.

7. Boost Competitiveness: 

Qiwa in Saudi Arabia aids in increasing the competitiveness of Saudi companies, aligning with their aspirations to excel regionally in commerce and innovation. It streamlines the business commencement and operation process, making Saudi enterprises more competitive on the global stage.

8. Attract Foreign Investment: 

Qiwa's focus on promoting innovation and entrepreneurship enhances the Kingdom's appeal as an international investment destination, unlocking new commercial and investment prospects.

9. Save Time and Costs: 

The platform not only saves business owners money but also time. By enabling online completion of procedures without the need for physical visits to government offices or external services, entrepreneurs can devote more time to their businesses, reducing the complexities associated with government processes and procedures.

10. Simplify Government Interaction: 

Qiwa's integration ensures swift compliance with regulatory requisites, such as tax filings and license renewals, relieving a significant burden for businesses operating in the Kingdom. Qiwa is accessible to all, even those in remote areas of the country, ensuring equitable access to government services.

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How to Use Qiwa

Employer Registration through Qiwa
  • Go to qiwa.sa, the Qiwa website, and choose "Employer Registration."
  • Enter the required data, including user credentials and corporate details.
  • Verify your account with the email that Qiwa issued you.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Qiwa in Saudi Arabia emerges as a pivotal catalyst for economic growth and innovation, offering a diverse array of benefits to businesses. This all-inclusive and user-friendly platform simplifies the business establishment process, fosters entrepreneurship, and aligns with the Vision 2030 goals. 

Through streamlined registration, improved government services, access to critical funding, skills development, job creation, and tailored SME support, Qiwa empowers businesses of all sizes, reducing both time and cost burdens. Its role in enhancing competitiveness, attracting foreign investment, and seamlessly integrating with government services positions Saudi Arabia as a global investment hub. 

Qiwa's impact extends beyond economics, offering employment opportunities and contributing to the nation's long-term sustainability, making it a vital force in shaping Saudi Arabia's business landscape.


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