Employment of Worker, Juvenile and Women

Employment of Worker, Juvenile and Women

Q: According to labor law, what information must an employer include in the report they submit to the Labor Department of Qatar every six months?

The report must include the following particulars about the employer's workers:

  • Name
  • Nationalities
  • Specific works they are carrying out
  • Wages
  • Ages
  • Details of their work permits

Q: What is the role of labor Department in regulating employment for Qatari Nationals?

The Department plays several roles:

  • They gather data on job supply and demand, analyzing the employment landscape.
  • They maintain a registry of unemployed or underemployed Qatari citizens seeking better opportunities.
  • They match registered Qatari job seekers with suitable vacancies based on skills and experience.
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Q: Who needs to register for employment with the labor Department?

Any Qatari National who is unemployed or looking for a better job can register with the Department. Registration is free and provides a certificate listing their qualifications and experience.

Q: Is a registration certificate mandatory for Qatari workers?

Yes, with some exceptions. In most cases, a Qatari National cannot be employed without a registration certificate. 

Q: What information must employers provide about job openings to the Qatar labor department?

Employers must notify the labor Department within a month of any job vacancies. This notification should include details like:

  • The type of work available
  • The required qualifications and skills for the position
  • The offered wage
  • The start date for the position
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Q: What should an employer do when he fills a vacancy in Qatar?

Within seven days of hiring someone, the employer must return the worker's registration certificate to the labour Department. Additionally, they must provide details about the specific job filled, including the wage and start date.

Q: What are the conditions for a non-Qatari to obtain a work permit?

There are three main conditions:

  • No Qualified Qatari Available: The employer must demonstrate that they couldn't find a qualified Qatari citizen registered with the Department to fill the specific job.
  • Valid Residence Permit: The non-Qatari applicant must already have a valid residence permit for Qatar.
  • Medical Fitness: The applicant must pass a medical exam to prove they are fit for the work.

Q: In what situations can the Ministry of labour cancel a non-Qatari's work permit?

The Ministry can cancel a work permit in several circumstances:

  • If the worker loses their residence permit or fails to maintain medical fitness.
  • If the worker quits their job without a valid reason for more than three months.
  • If the worker takes a job with a different employer than the one on their work permit.
  • If the worker is fired for disciplinary reasons.

Q. Can non-Qatari workers get employment in different sectors?

Answer: No, the Ministry of labour can entirely prohibit the employment of non-Qatari workers in specific sectors if deemed necessary for the public interest.

Q. Is a license required to recruit foreign workers in Qatar?

Any individual or business entity that wants to recruit foreign workers for other employers in Qatar must obtain a license from the Ministry of labour.

Q: How long is a recruitment license valid in Qatar?

The license is valid for two years and can be renewed for an additional two-year period.

Q: What is the procedure for getting a recruitment license in Qatar?

The application process involves submitting a form to the labour department and supporting documents outlined in the Labour Law and its implementing decisions.

Q: How long does it take for the labor department to issue a recruitment license?

The Labour Department has 30 days to review the application and its attachments before submitting it to the Minister for a decision. And If the department doesn't reach a decision within 30 days, the application is automatically considered rejected.

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Q: What is the minimum working age in Qatar?

As per the labour laws, no child under the age of 16 can be employed in any kind of work..

Q: What are the requirements for a teenager(16-18 years old)  to work in Qatar?

As mandated in the law, they need:

  • Parental or guardian consent
  • Special permission from the Department of Labor 
  • Approval from the Ministry of Education if they are a Qatari student 
  • To pass a medical exam proving fitness for the specific job 

Q:  What types of jobs are prohibited for teenagers in Qatar?

They cannot work in any job deemed hazardous to their health, safety, or morals. 

Q: How many hours per week can a teenager work in Qatar and are there any restrictions on working hours for teenagers?

As the law indicates, the standard workweek is 36 hours, with a maximum of 6 hours per day. Yes, the following restrictions are for teenagers: 

  • They cannot work between sunset and sunrise 
  • They cannot work on rest days or official holidays
  • They cannot work longer than normal working hours
  • Their workday must include breaks for rest and meals, with no continuous work period exceeding 3 hours

Q: What types of work are prohibited for women under the labour laws of Qatar?

In Qatar, women shall not be employed in dangerous or arduous work, which is detrimental to their health, and morals. 

Q: Can an employer terminate a female worker's service contract due to her marriage or maternity leave in Qatar?

No, an employer is not allowed to terminate the service contract of a female worker due to her marriage or maternity leave