Qatar Minimum Salary and Wages

Qatar Minimum Salary and Wages

Q: What is the minimum daily wage in Qatar?

In Qatar, the minimum wage for employees is generally 2 QAR per hour, which equates to approximately 1,000 QAR per month based on a standard 48-hour work week.

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Q: How often are workers paid in Qatar?

As per the laws, the following structure is followed in paying the employees:

Q: What should an employee do if they’re not being paid the minimum wage in Qatar?

Workers who have complaints from their employers regarding pay or other issues are encouraged to file a complaint with the Labour Relations Department of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour, and Social Affairs. The necessary form is available on the government's Hukoomi website, and once you fill it out, the Labour Relations Department ought to send you an SMS to confirm receipt and outline the next course of action.

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Q: What are the average salaries in Qatar sector-wise? 

As per the data given on Salary Explorer, in Qatar, the salary depends vastly on your background, your skills, your passport, and how tough a negotiator you are. Here are some average monthly salaries by sector:

  • Civil Engineer: QR14,000
  • Customer Service Representative: QR5,810
  • Waitstaff: QR4,980
  • Hotel Manager: QR28,100
  • Accountant: QR10,400
  • Teacher: QR11,500
  • Translator: QR13,300
  • CEO: QR35,300
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Q: What must an employer do regarding wages if a service contract is terminated for any reason in Qatar?

As per the law, the employer must pay the salary and other sums owed to the worker before the end of the day following the day on which the contract terminates. If the worker abandons work without the required notification, the employer must pay the owed wages and sums within seven days from the date of abandonment.

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