Work Injuries

Work Injuries

Q: What should an employer do if a worker dies or gets injured while on the job?

Qatar labour law states the employer must immediately notify the police and the Department of Labor about the incident. The notification should include the following details: 

  •  Worker's information
  • A description of the incident
  • Location
  • Aid provided
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Q: What is the investigation process for a work-related injury in Qatar?

As per the law, the police investigate the incident. This includes witness statements, employer/worker statements (if possible), and how the incident relates to the work. The police will send a copy of the investigation report to the Department of Labor and the employer.

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Q: What compensation do workers or their families receive for work-related injuries or death?

As mandated in the law, compensation is provided to the worker with permanent disability (partial or total) or the family of a worker who dies from a work-related incident. The compensation amount for death is based on Islamic Sharia principles. Permanent total disability is considered the same as death for compensation purposes. Partial permanent disability compensation is a proportion of the total disability compensation based on a schedule in the law.

Q: Are there any situations where a worker might not receive compensation in Qatar?

When an employee intentionally injures themselves, is under the influence of drugs or alcohol that caused the injury/death, violates safety instructions, or refuses medical checkups/treatment, they are not eligible for compensation.

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