Q: How many days of annual leave am I entitled to in Oman?

Employees in Oman are entitled to 30 days of annual leave with full pay after completing six months of service with the employer.

Q: Can annual leave be carried over to the next year?

Annual leave can be accumulated and carried over, but the total balance should not exceed 30 days unless the leave was not taken due to work requirements.

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Q: What is the entitlement for sick leave?

Employees are entitled to up to 182 days of sick leave per year, with varying percentages of their comprehensive wage depending on the duration of the leave.

Q: How many maternity leaves do female employees get in Oman?

Female employees are entitled to 50 days of maternity leave with full salary, applicable for up to three times during their service with the employer.

Q: Is there paternity leave available in Oman?

There is no statutory paternity leave under Omani law, although some companies might offer it as a benefit.

Q: Can an employee get special leaves in Oman?

Special leaves include:

  • Three days for marriage (once during service)
  • Three days for the death of immediate family members
  • Two days for the death of an uncle or aunt
  • 15 days for performing Hajj (once during service)
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Q: What is emergency leave, and how many days can be taken?

Employees are entitled to six days of emergency leave per year with full salary, for urgent and unforeseen situations.

Q: What are the public holidays in Oman?

The main public holidays in Oman include:

  • New Year
  • The Prophet’s Ascension (Israa Wal Miraj)
  • Eid Al-Fitr (4 days)
  • Eid Al-Adha (4 days)
  • Prophet’s Birthday
  • Islamic New Year
  • Oman National Day

Q: Are public holidays paid in Oman?

Yes, employees are entitled to full pay during the legally prescribed official public holidays.

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Q: Can leave be encashed if not taken?

Employees may be paid their basic wage for the days of annual leave not taken, provided there is mutual agreement in writing between the employee and employer.

Q: What happens if a public holiday falls during my annual leave?

If a public holiday coincides with an employee's annual leave, it should not be counted as part of the annual leave.