WeWorkRemotely vs Unstop

We Work Remotely is a well-established job board featuring a wide range of remote positions across various industries and experience levels. In contrast, Unstop offers a personalized approach to remote hiring, emphasizing flexibility and customization in connecting employers with remote talent. We Work Remotely provides a broad selection of remote jobs, while Unstop offers tailored solutions for employers seeking specific remote hiring needs. Find out how Iris by Qureos compares to these two platforms.

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What is Unstop?

Unstop is a remote job board It connects job seekers with companies hiring remote workers Job listings are available across various industries such as marketing, design, development, and customer service Unstop offers resources for job seekers to improve their skills and job search strategies.

What is We Work Remotely?

We Work Remotely is a remote job board It advertises remote job opportunities across various fields such as software development, marketing, and customer service It is one of the largest remote job boards It attracts thousands of remote job seekers every day.

What is Iris by Qureos? 

Iris is a recruitment intelligence platform that automates the sourcing, shortlisting, and outreach to candidates in just 24 seconds. It helps recruiters and hiring managers discover profiles and match them with relevant candidates. 

Iris generates customized job descriptions to attract the right talent. It also takes care of the outreach by sending hyper personalized messages to shortlisted candidates. 

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A Pricing Comparison of We Work Remotely, Unstop and Iris by Qureos

What are the Advantages of We Work Remotely, Unstop and Iris by Qureos? 

A Comprehensive Feature Comparison of We Work Remotely, Unstop and Iris by Qureos 

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Frequently asked questions

Which platform should the user use in terms of pricing?

For job seekers, both platforms are free to use. For employers, Unstop charges $50 per job listing, while WeWorkRemotely charges $299 per job listing. If cost is a significant factor, Unstop may be the better option.

Which platform, between these two, is easier for job applicants to use?

Both platforms are relatively easy to use, but WeWorkRemotely has a more robust filtering system, making it easier for job applicants to find jobs that match their skills and experience.