10 Best Smart Recruiter Alternatives in 2024

Looking for the perfect hiring platform? Check out our curated list of the 10 Best smart recruiter Alternatives in 2024! Discover cutting-edge recruitment tools and software that will transform your hiring process. From intelligent candidate matching to streamlined applicant tracking, these top alternatives offer a range of features to suit your unique needs. Stay ahead of the hiring game with our expert recommendations and find the ideal platform to attract, assess, and hire top talent efficiently and effectively.

Next-generation recruitment powered by AI
Streamlined hiring process that helps you hire 5x faster
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In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, organizations are constantly in need of streamlining their processes. As it’s not only cost-effective but also increases the productivity of the employees thus creating a healthy working environment. One area where businesses often seek to improve efficiency is the hiring process, where the identification and selection of the best candidates play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the company. 

In recent years, the advent of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has further revolutionized HR software solutions. These technologies enable automated resume screening, allowing recruiters to sift through large volumes of applications swiftly and identify the most qualified candidates. One such tool, that has streamlined the processes by automating the tasks and offering a range of features and functionalities designed to simplify and enhance the hiring process is Smart Recruiters. 

Pros and Cons of Smart Recruiters

With its cloud-based recruiting software, you can enhance the candidate experience from source to hire. This talent acquisition suite promises to increase recruiter productivity through its mobile application, where you can check the candidate profiles and give feedback, and schedule interviews. You can also run campaigns using in-build templates and share impactful content like videos, and employee testimonials with the candidates. Furthermore, round out your evaluation process with fully-integrated assessments and skills tests for predicting candidates. 


  • The best part about using SmartRecruiters is that it has a smooth layout that is appealing to use.
  • It can integrate with other platforms and social tools. 


  • Candidate search functionality isn't very robust. It is limited to predefined fields (e.g., location, degree, etc.). 
  • It has a lot of features that could be overwhelming for a small company, there should be a plan for startups. 

What Are the Best Alternatives To Smart Recruiter?

1. Qureos 

Iris is an AI recruitment platform that automates the sourcing, shortlisting, and outreach to candidates in just 24 seconds. It helps recruiters and hiring managers discover 100M+ profiles and match them with relevant candidates. 

Iris generates customized job descriptions to attract the right talent. It also takes care of the outreach by sending hyper personalized messages to shortlisted candidates.

Other Core Features: 

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) 
  • Multilingual Capabilities (20+ Languages)
  • Access to 100+ Job Boards
  • Customized Job Descriptions
  • Personalized Outreach and Follow-Ups
  • Adaptability and Smart Learning Capabilities


Schedule a demo with Qureos to receive a personalized pricing package tailored just for you.

2. Zoho Recruit 

Zoho Recruit is another credible tool you can consider among useful smart recruiter alternatives.With Zoho Recruit, you gain access to an arsenal of features designed to streamline the process of sourcing, evaluating, and engaging with potential candidates across diverse roles. By seamlessly broadcasting job postings to over 75 job boards and leveraging the power of social media channels, you amplify your reach and ensure maximum visibility for your vacancies.

This real-time software allows you to get the exact status of each individual, facilitating informed decision-making and eliminating bottlenecks. Moreover, the platform equips you with advanced analytics capabilities, enabling you to extract invaluable insights and optimize your recruitment strategies for enhanced efficiency and success.

Other Core Features: 

  • 50+ integrations
  • Source boosters
  • Resume management


You can use it for free but with limited options only, the standard plan starts from $25.

3. Keka

Our next pick is, Keka. From automation of people processes to creating an engaged and driven culture, Keka is all you need to build a good to great company. With this tool, you'll spend less time on mundane tasks and focus more on strategy. It also helps you turn data into smarter decisions and create experiences your employees will love. With the integration between Keka recruitment management software and HRMS, manage your candidates and recruitment process all at one go. The cross-platform link allows you to perform robust actions like salary breakup, creating an approval chain for the requisition and interview process. You can hire in-house talent by notifying your employees on the internal platform.

Other Core Features: 

  • Flexible hiring workflows
  • Integration with HRMS 


You can get a 30-day free trial and the basic plan starts from $50/month. 

4. Avature

Avature is another recruitment tool that’s designed for Strategic HR initiatives in recruiting and talent management.  If you’re looking to manage your recruitment processes all in one place, this is the right tool for you. It helps you identify, attract, hire, develop, and retain talented people in highly competitive industries and markets across the globe. You can give a personality to your brand with its interactive, and engaging career sites. Moreover, you can manage your career site content in multiple languages. 

Other Core Features: 

  • Retail Recruiting 
  • Campus recruiting 
  • Recruiting Events Management
  • WeChat Integration
  • New hire onboarding


Starting from $1,700/month.

5. iCIMS Talent Cloud

The latest in discussion is iCIMS talent cloud, it is an exceptional tool that comes equipped with a comprehensive array of distinctive features, proving to be an invaluable asset for recruiters. This software offers a Talent Cloud solution, revolutionizing and enhancing every facet of the talent acquisition lifecycle. It is meticulously crafted and developed by a team of individuals who possess an unwavering passion for assisting organizations in constructing dynamic and triumphant workforces. With iCIMS, recruiters are empowered with an extensive suite of tools that cater to each stage of the recruitment process, starting from efficiently publishing and promoting job postings to efficiently navigating the candidate selection and finalization process.

Other Core Features: 

  • Digital Assitant
  • Marketing Automation
  • SkillSurvey
  • Text Engagement
  • Video Studio
  • Insights + and insight advisor


Starting from $1,700/month.

6. Lever

Another fast-growing tool among SmartRecruiters alternatives is  Lever, this easy-to-use recruiting software provides a complete applicant tracking system (ATS) and robust candidate relationship management (LeverCRM) platform in a single solution. You can easily communicate with the applicants through personalized emails. To make the processes efficient and smooth, it provides comprehensive dashboards that offer predictive analytics that will help you and your team easily track your recruiting efforts.

Other Core Features: 

  • ATS with loads of useful integrations
  • Personalized email templates
  • Readymade and customizable dashboards


The pricing of Lever is not standardized; instead, it is customized based on the specific package and product chosen by each company.

7. Greenhouse

Greenhouse has revolutionized the hiring landscape by introducing a seamless and effortless approach, comparable to other platforms like SmartRecruiters, to streamline the entire recruitment process. It provides a comprehensive framework that brings order and organization to each stage of hiring, ensuring a consistent and fair approach to attracting and securing top talent. This exceptional tool places a strong emphasis on mitigating bias in the hiring process, promoting fairness and equity for all job seekers and employers alike. By leveraging Greenhouse, recruiters can access invaluable data and guidance that enable them to assess and enhance their overall hiring performance, ultimately propelling their organization toward higher levels of hiring maturity.

Other Core Features: 

  • Applicant data management
  • Automated resume parsing
  • Career page configuration


GreenHouse's pricing is not readily available on its website. Interested users should request a demo.

8. JobVite 

JobVite offers a comprehensive recruitment solution known as the Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite, which serves as an effective tool for simplifying the intricate process of candidate hiring. The Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite offers a wide range of capabilities, from bolstering employer branding and optimizing recruitment marketing efforts to streamlining applicant management, facilitating seamless onboarding, leveraging employee referrals, promoting internal mobility, and providing advanced analytics. With this powerful tool at their disposal, organizations can seamlessly navigate the complexities of talent acquisition, enhance their hiring outcomes, and access all the necessary features in one centralized location.

Other Core Features: 

  • Robust employer branding
  • Tailored onboarding
  • Industry benchmark reporting
  • Powerful and intuitive applicant tracking system
  • Job broadcast


Starting from $500/month

9. ClearCompany 

Next on the list of impactful SmartRecruiters alternatives is ClearCompany. It offers a comprehensive recruitment solution that empowers your organization to achieve impeccable HR execution. By seamlessly integrating your company's specific job requirements and core values with their advanced software modules, insightful analytics, and industry best practices, Clear Company creates tailored and distinctive processes for every aspect of talent acquisition, engagement, development, and retention, ensuring the selection and preservation of top-performing individuals (A-Players).

Other Core Features: 

  • Virtual onboarding experience
  • Employee surveys
  • Pre-built employee review templates
  • Pre-built reports and analytics dashboard


ClearCompany's pricing is not readily available on its website. Interested users should request a demo or fill out the platform's online contact form for a custom quote.



1. What can I use instead of SmartRecruiters?

There are several other SmartRecruiters alternatives like Qureos that shine with its efficient AI scout which can source and scan candidates in just 2 mins. 

2. Is there a free version of SmartRecruiters?

Yes, SmartRecruiters offers a free plan.

3. How much does SmartRecruiterscost per month?

Pricing details are not available on the website, but you can contact their sales team to get the necessary information. 

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