Top HR Experts in UAE

UAE's HR Powerhouse: Top Experts Shaping the Industry

Ahsan Raza
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July 9, 2024
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The UAE's dynamic business scene thrives on exceptional talent management. We spotlight the top HR experts shaping the industry with their expertise and dedication and their key advice for HR professionals. These leaders are achieving great results and setting new standards for innovative HR practices in the region. 

Top HR Experts in UAE 

We’ve shortlisted the top HR experts in UAE, in no particular order, who are redefining the talent and HR space in one of the fastest-growing job markets in the world. 

1. Sophie Alexandra Marshall - Noon‚≠ź

Bio: Sophie Alexandra Marshall, the People Director at noon, leads the HR strategy and operations for teams across the UAE, KSA, India, Sri Lanka, and Egypt. With over 15 years of diverse HR experience, she excels in HR strategy, analytics, operations, project management, talent acquisition, and employer branding. Sophie is passionate about fostering world-class teams and advancing the digital economy in the region. Known for thriving in dynamic and fast-paced environments, she relishes challenges and takes pride in enhancing both business and individual performance.

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2. Samir Mardini - Partner,¬† EY ‚≠ź

Bio: Samir Mardini is a seasoned HR advisor with a proven track record of helping clients navigate complex workforce challenges. As a Partner at EY, Samir offers strategic guidance on talent management, mergers & acquisitions, and future-proofing HR practices for businesses across various sectors.

"HR needs to balance the company's interests, shareholders, and employees. Taking care of employees as people will earn their respect and improve the HR department's reputation."

3. Corrina Ford - Remotebase ‚≠ź

 Bio: Corrina Ford is the VP of People & Culture at Remotebase. With a diverse work experience spanning multiple companies and roles, Corrina has held various HR positions. Before her current role, she worked as a People Strategy Consultant at Remotebase. Corrina’s expertise lies in people strategy, career coaching, and recruitment. She obtained her CIPD Associate Level 5 qualification in Human Resources Management and Services.

4. Marjorie Beato - Food Quest Restaurants ‚≠ź

Bio: Marjorie Beato is a results-oriented HR Manager at Food Quest Restaurants, with a proven ability to attract, develop, and retain top talent. Marjorie excels in leadership development, compensation & benefits administration, and ensuring a positive employee experience.

‚Äć"Your past doesn't define you; you're a work in progress, and your future is bright. No matter how successful you get, stay humble and respect your team. Listen to them, treat everyone equally, and show appreciation. A simple thank you can be as motivating as a pay raise or reward."

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5. Amrita Chopra - Visa ‚≠ź

Bio: Amrita Chopra is Visa's Senior Director of Human Resources for the Middle East and North Africa. Based in Dubai, UAE, she plays a crucial role in Visa’s digital payment technology, connecting individuals, businesses, and economies.

6. Ghenwa Habbal - Ford Middle East ‚≠ź

Bio: Ghenwa Habbal is featured as one of the Faces of Ford as a strategic HR leader driving successful human capital initiatives at Ford Middle East. Ghenwa possesses a strong understanding of the regional workforce and a passion for building high-performing teams, fostering employee engagement, and promoting a culture of innovation. Her expertise in resilience allows her to seamlessly navigate in any Volatile, Uncertain, Complex or Ambiguous (VUCA) environment.

"To succeed, connect with leaders outside your field. Understanding how other departments work boosts your business knowledge and helps you create better strategies. This benefits you, your team, and the whole company."

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7. Liezl Villacarlos - Emaar ‚≠ź

Bio: With over 15 years of experience in human resources and payroll, Liezl Villacarlos is a dedicated and reliable HR professional who supports Emaar's employees and managers in various aspects of the employee lifecycle. She has a proven track record of managing complex and sensitive employee relations issues, ensuring compliance with local and government laws and regulations, and delivering high-quality HR services and solutions.

8. Maureen Waithera - Emirates Global Aluminum ‚≠ź

Bio: Maureen Waithera is an experienced HR professional dedicated to supporting the growth and success of Emirates Global Aluminum, a leading industrial company. Maureen holds extensive knowledge in labor relations, performance management, and building a diverse and inclusive workforce.

"Learn, learn, learn. Always look for ways to upskill and educate yourself. Network, network, network. Connect with your peers, not just those above you. You never know when a peer connection might help you out, especially when job hunting."

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9. Nadine El Hadad - YUM Brands ‚≠ź

Bio: Nadine El Hadad is a strategic HR professional at YUM Brands, overseeing human resources for the Middle East region. Nadine possesses a strong track record in talent management, employee relations, and driving operational excellence within the dynamic food service industry.

‚Äć"If you take care of the people, your people will take care of the business."

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10. Rola Homsi - GrubTech ‚≠ź

Bio: Rola Homsi is a tech-savvy HR professional leading the human resources function at GrubTech, a food delivery platform. Rola's expertise lies in leveraging HR technology to optimize talent acquisition, onboarding, and employee engagement in a fast-paced startup environment.

"As Head of People and Culture, lead with passion and honesty. Believe in your team's potential and value their unique stories. Embrace diversity, encourage feedback, and support their growth. That's how you build a thriving, inclusive workplace."‚Äć


Thanks to these exceptional experts, the UAE's HR landscape is rich with talent and innovation. Their forward-thinking approaches and dedication to excellence drive business success and set new benchmarks for the industry.

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