Top Finance Recruitment Platforms in KSA and UAE

Discover the top finance recruitment platforms transforming recruitment in KSA and UAE.

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April 22, 2024
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In the financial landscapes of the GCC, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia stand out as the powerhouses of the banking sector. The UAE leads in commercial bank assets, while Saudi Arabia excels in net profit. With such competitive markets, the need for top finance talent in both countries is soaring. To meet this demand and stay ahead in the race for talent acquisition, recruiters are turning to specialized recruitment platforms tailored to the finance sector.

These platforms not only streamline the hiring process and connect recruiters with the finest finance professionals available but also significantly reduce the average time to hire a finance recruit, which typically spans 41 days on average.

This guide lists the top finance recruitment platforms in UAE and KSA and explains why they are the top choice for sourcing finance talent.

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Top Finance Recruitment Platforms for KSA and UAE

1. Qureos

Iris by Qureos is an all-in-one AI-driven recruitment solution designed specifically for finance. With access to a vast pool of over 7 million profiles and 100+ job boards, it swiftly connects employers with suitable candidates based on their expertise, experience, and preferences in less than 24 seconds.

Moreover, Iris allows for the creation of personalized job descriptions tailored to the specific needs of finance firms. Its innovative AI Video Interview feature helps in evaluating candidates' skills, personalities, and cultural fit, saving time and reducing hiring errors.

Top Features:

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)¬†
  • Multilingual Capabilities (20+ Languages)
  • Access to 100+ Job Boards
  • AI Video interview
  • Customized Job Descriptions
  • Personalized Outreach and Follow-Ups
  • Adaptability and Smart Learning Capabilities
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Hays provides exceptional industry expertise in banking and financial services recruitment in the Middle East. With over 50 years of experience, they offer unparalleled industry knowledge, collaborating with industry experts to match you with the most qualified finance candidates. They understand the unique challenges the finance industry faces and provide insights and tailored solutions to meet clients' hiring needs.

Top Features:

  • Deep industry insights
  • Access to a vast talent network¬†
  • Comprehensive services to meet the workforce challenges
  • Data-driven matches
  • Customer-centric approach
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3. Robert Walters

Robert Walters specializes in recruiting senior accounting and finance professionals across various industry sectors. Their consultants possess extensive industry knowledge, ensuring accurate matchmaking between candidates and roles. They also offer market intelligence to inform recruitment decisions, providing recruiters a competitive edge in the finance recruitment landscape.

Top Features:

  • Access to global talent
  • Specialized finance recruitment
  • Industry knowledge
  • Market insights
  • Targeted recruitment strategies tailored for clients
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4. Cooper Fitch

Cooper Fitch is one of the leading finance recruitment agencies in the Middle East. The company has an extensive database of top-tier talent, and with the help of experienced finance recruitment consultants, it excels in sourcing the top finance talent for the right position. Based in the UAE, it understands the GCC region's unique cultural and economic aspects, thus providing valuable employment market updates to clients.

Top Features:

  • Seasoned industry experts
  • Regional expertise
  • Tailored recruitment solutions
  • Diverse candidate pool for different finance roles
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5. Michael Page

Michael Page excels in finance recruitment across Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). With over 60 years of combined recruitment experience in Saudi Arabia, they cater to positions ranging from analysts to CFOs, specializing in finance and accounting roles. They have a dedicated team of industry experts offering personalized support throughout recruitment. Beginning with in-depth discussions to clarify your needs, they provide market updates and conduct thorough assessments and interviews to ensure the best candidate fit.  

Top Features:

  • Industry-Specific Recruitment Expertise
  • Access to industry-leading database
  • In-depth interviews
  • Diversity and Inclusion to meet evolving industry standards
  • Swift and efficient in securing the best finance talent
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‚Äć6. Huxley

Huxley is a renowned recruitment agency providing finance recruitment services across the UAE and KSA. Its financial services teams are trusted partners to renowned banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions, offering specialized recruitment services for permanent, contract, interim, and senior/executive roles. With over 25 years of experience, Huxley supports clients in team building and project staffing, leveraging its local market knowledge.

Top Features:

  • Global Reach
  • Tailored Recruitment Services
  • Diverse Role Coverage
  • Extensive Industry Experience
  • Strong Partnerships and Trust
  • Local Market Knowledge
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Each finance recruitment platform listed above brings unique tools and resources to streamline hiring processes and connect employers with talented professionals. By leveraging these platforms, companies in the finance sector can improve their recruitment strategies and attract top candidates in the Middle East.

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