How to Reduce Time to Review Candidates

Use AI recruiters and more to attract top talent and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

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Faye Ameen
Talent Acquisition Manager

The hiring process is going through significant changes as we navigate through an ever-changing job market, economic instability, and the aftermath of the pandemic. As a result, the need to adapt and optimize recruitment strategies is more important than ever.

The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) recently reported that the average time to fill job vacancies is at an all-time high of 42 days. This does not only lead to increased costs of hiring but also drives away potential top talent. In fact, research from Robert Half shows that 57% of job seekers lose interest if the hiring process takes too long. This means companies not only spend more to fill positions but also miss out on important candidates they want to add to their teams. 

To succeed in this competitive landscape, companies need to streamline their hiring process and reduce their time to fill.

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What is Time to Fill?

Recruiters use two distinct metrics, "Time to Fill" and "Time to Hire," to gauge the efficiency of their hiring process. Time to Fill measures the duration from posting a job ad to a candidate accepting the job offer, while Time to Hire tracks the candidate's entire journey, from entering the recruitment process to accepting the job offer. Among these metrics, understanding and measuring Time to Fill helps identify inefficiencies and streamline the hiring process. By reducing this time, businesses can avoid losing potential hires to competitors and secure the best talent swiftly and efficiently.

Why Reduce Time to Fill?

Reducing Time to Fill offers numerous advantages for organizations beyond just improved efficiency in the recruitment team. It also leads to cost savings and a competitive advantage in attracting top candidates. Recognizing the significance of Time to Fill and implementing effective strategies to expedite the process can enhance overall recruitment efficiency, improve candidate experience, and successfully attract and hire the best candidates, supporting the company's growth and success.

Recent data from Gartner’s Recruiting Effectiveness Survey revealed a concerning trend: time to fill increased by 18% from 2020 to 2021. This means that, on average, companies are now taking an extra two weeks to fill a position compared to the previous year. Such delays can have detrimental effects on businesses, leading to lost productivity and an increase in offer rejections. 

However, the good news is that there are effective strategies that can help you reduce the time to review candidates and streamline the hiring process, ensuring a positive experience for both candidates and recruiters.

How to Reduce Time to Review Candidates?

1. Use an AI Recruiter

Using an AI recruiter can significantly speed up the candidate review process. AI recruiters can discover candidates from multiple job boards, efficiently scan and analyze resumes, identify the most qualified candidates based on specific criteria and keywords. By automating the initial screening, recruiters can focus their efforts on the most promising candidates, reducing review time and streamlining the overall hiring process.

2. Use Data-Driven Insights

Utilizing data-driven insights is essential to identify inefficiencies in the candidate review process. Tracking metrics such as time spent on each candidate, conversion rates, and candidate drop-off rates can highlight areas for improvement. By leveraging this data, recruiters can fine-tune their approach, making data-backed decisions that expedite candidate evaluations and optimize the hiring process.

3. Automate Interview Questions

Automating interview questions can save valuable time during the candidate review stage. Generating customized interview questions relevant to the position allows for consistent candidate assessment. AI-driven platforms can even conduct initial screening interviews using pre-set questions, further reducing manual effort and speeding up the candidate evaluation process.

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4. Automate Communication

Maintaining effective communication with candidates is crucial to keep them engaged and informed throughout the hiring process. AI recruiters can automate personalized communication, such as interview reminders, status updates, and feedback emails, ensuring candidates feel valued and reducing the time spent on manual follow-ups.

5. Build a Database

Creating a comprehensive candidate database can prove invaluable for reducing candidate review time. Storing candidate information from previous hiring cycles allows recruiters to access potential matches for new openings quickly. An organized database also enables recruiters to proactively reach out to previously interested candidates, saving time on sourcing efforts.

6. Create an Accurate Job Description

Crafting a clear and compelling job description is fundamental to attracting suitable candidates and streamlining the review process. A well-structured JD should accurately outline the job responsibilities, required qualifications, and company culture. When candidates have a precise understanding of the role, they can better self-assess their fit, reducing the number of irrelevant applications and expediting the review process for relevant candidates. You can also use a free job description generator to make this task easier.

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Reducing time to review candidates is vital for optimizing the recruitment process, attracting top talent, and gaining a competitive edge. By using AI, data-driven insights, and efficient communication, organizations can streamline candidate reviews and improve the overall candidate experience. 

Embracing these strategies will enable businesses to secure the best candidates swiftly and position themselves for success in the dynamic job market.

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