Salaried Non-Exempt

What is a Salaried Non-Exempt Employee?

A salaried non-exempt employee refers to an individual who receives a fixed salary for their work but is still eligible for overtime pay according to labor laws. This classification combines aspects of both salaried and hourly employment statuses, offering a fixed salary while ensuring compliance with overtime regulations for eligible hours worked beyond standard work hours.

What’s an Example of Salaried Non-Exempt? 

For example, Ahmed, a project manager in UAE, earns a fixed monthly salary of 10,000 AED as a salaried non-exempt employee. In a busy week, he works 55 hours instead of the standard 48 hours.

As per UAE labor laws, Ahmed is entitled to overtime pay for the additional hours. His regular hourly rate is approximately 52.08 AED/hour. For the extra 7 hours, he receives overtime compensation at 1.25 times his regular rate, totaling around 455.70 AED for that week.

Understanding the overtime regulations for salaried non-exempt employees in the UAE ensures fair compensation for extra work beyond standard hours.

What are the Benefits of Salaried Non-Exempt Employee?

Main features of salaried non-exempt employees include:

Fixed salary structure: similar to traditional salaried employees, individuals in this category receive a predetermined amount as their regular salary, usually on a consistent schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly)

Overtime eligibility: despite being salaried, non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay for any hours worked beyond the standard workweek or workday, as defined by labor laws. Typically, overtime pay is set at one-and-a-half times the regular hourly rate for each additional hour worked

Job classification: non-exempt status is usually assigned to roles that involve specific types of tasks or responsibilities, which may include administrative, technical, or certain managerial duties that fall within the guidelines of non-exempt work as per labor regulations

Legal compliance: employers must ensure that salaried non-exempt employees are accurately compensated for all overtime hours worked. Failure to comply with overtime regulations can lead to legal liabilities for the company

The salaried non-exempt classification offers flexibility in compensation while ensuring fair treatment under labor laws. Its significance lies in providing employees with a consistent salary along with overtime protections, striking a balance between stability and adherence to wage and hour regulations. This classification optimizes efficiency in workforce management, offering both employers and employees a structured framework that aligns with labor standards and compensation expectations.

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