Job Requisition

What is a Job Requisition?

A job requisition is a formal request or document that outlines the need to fill a specific job position within a company. It serves as the initial step in the recruitment process and is typically generated by a hiring manager or department head. 

The job requisition provides essential details about the position, such as job title, responsibilities, qualifications, and sometimes the budget allocation for the role. This request is made to either create a new position within the company or to fill the vacated role.

It serves as a crucial step in the hiring process, initiating the recruitment and selection procedures. Creating a well-structured job requisition is essential for efficient talent acquisition and ensuring that the right candidate is selected for the position.

Purpose of a Job Requisition:

A job requisition is a formal request made by a hiring manager to their company's HR department, outlining the need to create a new position or fill an existing one. This document serves as a means for the hiring manager to justify why a certain role needs to be filled and provides details about the position. 

It is an internal document written in a formal tone that explains the necessity of hiring an employee for a specific job role. 

The purpose of a job requisition is to establish a structured process for requesting new positions or modifications to existing job descriptions within an organization. This process is typically initiated by a department manager or another leader in the organization.

Why is a Job Requisition important?

Job requisition is an important part of the hiring process, as it clearly outlines job requirements, facilitates the hiring process by providing a clear roadmap, aligns hiring efforts with organizational objectives, and it also improves hiring quality. It serves as a documented request for a new hire, which can be crucial for record-keeping, compliance, and auditing purposes.

Difference Between a Job Requisition and a Job Description

A job description is an official document describing an available vacancy within the company, providing comprehensive information about the role, including tasks, responsibilities, and qualifications. 

A job requisition is a formal request initiated by internal employees to outline the need for a new hire or a new position.

A job description must be clear, accurate, up-to-date, and concise to effectively communicate the role's requirements and expectations. It serves as a crucial tool for attracting suitable candidates and setting performance expectations.

Job Requisition and Job Posting: What’s the difference?

A job posting, or job advert, is an external announcement made by the company to attract potential candidates. It is a public-facing description of the job that is shared on various platforms, including company websites and job boards. A job requisition is a formal document used by department managers to request approval to hire a new employee for their team. 


A job requisition is a fundamental document in the recruitment process, serving as the formal request to fill a specific job position within an organization. It provides clarity on the roles, responsibilities, and qualifications required for the position, and plays a crucial role in efficient talent acquisition.

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