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Working Hours, Holidays, and Leave

Working Hours, Holidays, and Leave

Q: What are the legal working hours in Kuwait?

The legal working hours in Kuwait are 8 hours per day and 48 hours per week. During the month of Ramadan, working hours are reduced to 6 hours per day or 36 hours per week.

Q: What are the rules for break periods and overtime in Kuwait?

Employees must receive a one-hour break after every five consecutive hours of work. Overtime pay is 1.25 times the regular hourly rate for normal days, 1.50 times for weekends, and double for public holidays. Overtime is limited to 2 hours per day, 6 hours per week, and 180 hours per year.

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Q: How many sick leaves an employee can get in Kuwait?

Sick leave in Kuwait is granted as follows:

15 days with full pay,

10 days with 75% pay, 10 days with 50% pay,

10 days with 25% pay,

30 days without pay.