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Labor Disputes in Kuwait

Labor Disputes in Kuwait

Q: Can workers in Kuwait join trade unions?

 Yes, workers in Kuwait can join trade unions. However, expatriates need to have at least five years of work experience in Kuwait to become a union member. Only Kuwaiti nationals can vote in union elections.

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Q: How can employees file complaints against employers in Kuwait?

 Workers can lodge complaints with the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) either in person, online, or via phone. PAM investigators will review the complaint and mediate between the worker and employer. If unresolved, the case may be referred to the Civil Court.

Q: Can I switch employers in Kuwait without permission?

Workers in Kuwait can change employers without permission after completing three years with their current employer. Before this period, transferring jobs requires the employer's consent or a formal complaint filed with the Public Authority for Manpower.

Q: Are employers allowed to charge recruitment fees in Kuwait? 

Employers in Kuwait are generally prohibited from charging workers recruitment fees. Any recruitment costs must be borne by the employer, ensuring workers are not unfairly charged for obtaining employment.

Q: Can an employer confiscate an employee's passport in Kuwait?

No, employers in Kuwait are prohibited from confiscating their employees' passports. This practice is illegal and employees have the right to retain their personal documents.

Q: What permits are required for foreign workers to work in Kuwait? 

Foreign workers need a valid work visa, which includes a medical examination, medical insurance, and a residence permit. Employers must secure these permits, ensuring legal status for foreign employees.

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Q: Are employees in Kuwait entitled to overtime pay? 

Yes, employees in Kuwait are entitled to overtime pay. Overtime is compensated at 1.25 times the regular hourly rate for normal days, 1.50 times for weekends, and double the rate for public holidays.

Q: How is the end of service indemnity calculated in Kuwait? 

End of service indemnity in Kuwait is calculated based on the length of service. For monthly paid employees, it is 15 days' wages for each of the first five years and one month's wages for each subsequent year. For other workers, it’s 10 days' wages for the first five years and 15 days for subsequent years.