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Employment of Juveniles and Women in Kuwait

Employment of Juveniles and Women in Kuwait

Q: Is hiring someone between 15 and 18 years old legal in Kuwait?

Yes, but only with permission from the Ministry of labor.

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Q: Under what conditions can children aged 15-18 work in Kuwait?

As per the law, the following conditions are defined:

  • They cannot work in any jobs considered hazardous or unhealthy. The Ministry will define these jobs in a separate decision.
  • They must pass a medical check-up before starting work and then have regular check-ups every six months or less, as determined by the Ministry.

Q: How many hours per day can a 15-18 year old legally work in Kuwait?

According to the Kuwait labor law, a maximum of 6 hours per day.

Q: Under the Kuwait labor law, when can a 15-18-year-old not be required to work?

  • They cannot be required to work overtime or extra hours.
  • They cannot be required to work on their weekly day off or on holidays.
  • They cannot be required to work between 7:00 pm and 6:00 am.
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Q: What are the restrictions on women working at night according to the Kuwait labor law? 

Women shall not be employed at night between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m., with the exception of those working in hospitals, health centres, private treatment houses, and other health institutions. The Minister of Social Affairs and labor has the authority to make decisions on certain exceptions, as long as the employer meets women's security and transportation needs.

Q: What forms of employment are restricted for women as per the Kuwait labor law?

Women are not permitted to work in dangerous or difficult occupations, vocations that violate their morals, or jobs that treat their gender unfairly. Furthermore, women cannot work in institutions that only provide services to men.

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Q: What are the maternity leave benefits for pregnant women?

According to the Kuwait labor laws, the following benefits are provided to pregnant women: 

  • Pregnant women are entitled to a 70-day paid maternity leave that is separate from their other casual leaves.
  • On her request, the employer may also provide her with a four-month unpaid leave to care for her child.
  • The employer cannot terminate her employment during her maternity leave.
  • The employer cannot terminate her employment if she is unable to return to work due to a pregnancy or delivery-related illness, as long as a medical report is produced.

Q: What benefits are provided to the female employees once they are back from maternity leave? 

In Kuwait, a female employee is granted two hours during official working hours to breastfeed her child. The terms and conditions of this are set by the Ministry's decision.

Q: Do employees who have children have access to daycare in Kuwait?

If there are more than fifty women in the company or if there are more than 200 employees, the employer is required to set up a Day Care Centre for children under the age of four.

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Q: Do female workers get the same salary as male employees in Kuwait?

Yes, a female employee has the right to the same salary as a male worker if she performs the same job.

Q: What are the restrictions on night work for women in Kuwait?

Women in Kuwait are generally prohibited from working between 10 PM and 7 AM, except in specific sectors like healthcare, hospitality, and certain approved establishments.

Q: What types of jobs are prohibited for women in Kuwait?

Women are restricted from working in hazardous or strenuous jobs that could adversely affect their health, as determined by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

Q: What are the maternity leave entitlements for women in Kuwait?

Women in Kuwait are entitled to 70 days of paid maternity leave. Additionally, they can take up to four months of unpaid leave for childcare after delivery.

Q: Are women in Kuwait entitled to equal pay for equal work?

Yes, women in Kuwait are entitled to equal pay for equal work, ensuring gender parity in compensation for the same roles and responsibilities.

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Q: What are the breastfeeding break entitlements for working mothers in Kuwait?

Working mothers in Kuwait are entitled to two hours of daily breaks for breastfeeding during the first 24 months after childbirth.

Q: Can pregnant women be terminated from their jobs in Kuwait?

Pregnant women cannot be terminated from their jobs due to pregnancy. Termination under such circumstances is illegal and against labor laws.

Q: What are the requirements for employers to provide daycare facilities in Kuwait?

Employers with 50 or more female employees, or 200 or more male employees, are required to provide daycare facilities for children up to four years old.

Q: What are the conditions for women working in hazardous or unhealthy environments in Kuwait?

Women cannot be employed in hazardous or unhealthy environments. Specific jobs and conditions are defined by the Ministry to protect women’s health.

Q: Are there any special leave provisions for women in case of a miscarriage in Kuwait?

Yes, women are entitled to special leave in case of a miscarriage. The specifics of the leave duration and conditions are provided under labor regulations.

Q: How does Kuwait ensure workplace safety for female employees?

Workplace safety for female employees in Kuwait is ensured through strict adherence to labor laws, regular inspections, and mandatory safety measures enforced by employers.

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Q: What are the rights of women regarding job transfers during pregnancy in Kuwait?

Pregnant women in Kuwait have the right to request job transfers to less strenuous or safer roles if their current job poses risks to their health or pregnancy.

Q: What protections exist for women facing workplace harassment in Kuwait?

Women in Kuwait are protected against workplace harassment through legal provisions that mandate strict action against offenders and provide a mechanism for complaints and redressal.

Q: What are the legal provisions for women to work part-time in Kuwait?

Women can work part-time in Kuwait under labor laws that allow flexible working hours and conditions, ensuring their rights and benefits are protected.

Q: Can women in Kuwait work in the same capacity as men in all sectors?

Yes, women in Kuwait can work in the same capacity as men in most sectors, with certain exceptions in hazardous jobs to protect their health.

Q: How does the Kuwaiti labor law address gender discrimination in the workplace?

Kuwaiti labor law prohibits gender discrimination in the workplace, ensuring equal opportunities, pay, and treatment for both men and women.

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