Q: How can a contract of employment be terminated in Bahrain?

A contract of employment in Bahrain can be terminated by mutual agreement, at the end of the contract's term, by giving a 30-day notice, or for legitimate reasons such as misconduct or poor performance.

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Q: What are the rights of a worker upon termination of the contract without notice in Bahrain?

If a contract is terminated without notice in Bahrain, the terminating party must compensate the other party with an amount equivalent to the worker's wage for the notice period or the remainder thereof.

Q: What are the legal grounds for terminating an employee in Bahrain?

Legal grounds for terminating an employee in Bahrain include worker's misconduct, poor performance, violation of company policies, redundancy, or other legitimate reasons stipulated in the employment contract.

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Q: What is the procedure for an employee to resign from their job in Bahrain?

An employee in Bahrain can resign by providing a 30-day notice to the employer. The resignation notice should be in writing, and the employee must fulfill their job responsibilities during the notice period.

Q: How is end-of-service gratuity calculated in Bahrain?

End-of-service gratuity in Bahrain is calculated based on the worker's last drawn basic wage, with 15 days' wage for each of the first three years of service and one month's wage for each additional year.

Q: What are the legal protections against unjustified dismissal in Bahrain?

Bahrain labor law protects workers against unjustified dismissal by requiring employers to provide legitimate reasons for termination. Workers can seek reinstatement or compensation through legal proceedings if unjustly dismissed.

Q: What is the procedure if termination occurs during an employee's leave in Bahrain?

If termination occurs during an employee's leave in Bahrain, the notice period for termination starts after the end of the leave. Employers cannot terminate an employee during their leave period.

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