10 Best Akhtaboot Alternatives in 2024

Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 Akhtaboot alternatives, each offering unique features and advantages to cater to the needs of ambitious professionals like you!

Next-generation recruitment powered by AI
Streamlined hiring process that helps you hire 5x faster
A massive talent pool of 10M+ job-ready candidates

Ever thought about how technology is transforming the way we discover the right job candidates? The old manual search and interview process is changing, thanks to AI. This shakes things up for recruiters and job seekers. Instead of waiting weeks or months, now it's faster. Platforms like GulfTalent are one example, but there's more! Let's explore AI-powered alternatives that are making waves in the hiring world.

Pros and Cons of Akhtaboot

Akhtaboot, an employment website, links employers and job seekers, opening doors for skilled candidates. With a track record of thriving job fairs in Jordan, Akhtaboot is dedicated to aiding job seekers in finding not only suitable jobs but also ones they'll enjoy growing in. Accessible via its iOS and Android Mobile App, Akhtaboot aims to empower employment by providing equal opportunities to job seekers throughout the region. 


  • Online Recruitment: Akhtaboot allows the showcasing of job openings to 50,000 daily visitors for a period of 60 days. The platform provides access to a database of qualified candidates.
  • Career Connect: It offers the ability to create a fully customized, bilingual (English / Arabic) and branded Cloud-Based Recruitment Management Software Solution. Users can post an unlimited number of jobs, manage applicants, and streamline the recruitment process.
  • Testello Assessment Platform: This feature enables informed decision-making through bilingual tests tailored for the region. Users can enhance productivity with custom B2B/B2C tests designed to meet their specific requirements.


  • Limited effectiveness for those seeking opportunities beyond the MENA region.
  • There are no employer branding or customization options.
  • Job posts are not shared on Akhtaboot's social media accounts.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Akhtaboot?

1. Qureos 

Iris is an AI recruitment platform that automates the sourcing, shortlisting, and outreach to candidates in just 24 seconds. It helps recruiters and hiring managers discover 100M+ profiles and match them with relevant candidates. 

Iris generates customized job descriptions to attract the right talent. It also takes care of the outreach by sending hyper personalized messages to shortlisted candidates. 

Additional Key Features:

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS) 
  • Multilingual Capabilities (20+ Languages)
  • Access to 100+ Job Boards
  • Customized Job Descriptions
  • Personalized Outreach and Follow-Ups
  • Adaptability and Smart Learning Capabilities


Schedule a demo with Qureos to receive a personalized pricing package tailored just for you.

2. Naukrigulf

Established in early 2006, Naukrigulf swiftly emerged as the Gulf region's fastest-growing job website. This platform streamlines the hiring process for employers. With over 22,000 resumes available daily, you can select potential hires based on 27 different criteria. Highlighted as a top employer on Naukrigulf's homepage, you'll attract more job seekers. Your company gains credibility with a dedicated page, while the salary tool helps determine fair compensation for new hires.

Additional Key Features:

  • Salary estimation tool
  • CV search


For detailed pricing information, connect with Naukrigulf's support team.

3. Mihnati

As Saudi Arabia's original job site, now gaining prominence in other MENHA region countries, Mihnati caters specifically to the region's  job market needs. With significant experience and collaboration with the Ministry of Labor, Mihnati.com aids companies in navigating Saudization requirements. Utilizing advanced technology, it serves 16 million yearly visitors and 55,000 employers. Mihnati connects with platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Outlook. Backed by influential investors like Nesma Advanced Technology and Naseeb Networks, Mihnati.com revolutionizes online recruitment to meet local needs with global expertise.

Additional Key Features:

  • Supports campus hiring
  • Assists in recruitment
  • Offers employer phone app
  • Social media recruitment


Mihnati offers various employer packages, starting from 270 USD.

4. Laimoon

Laimoon isn't just a platform; it's your affordable gateway to discovering exceptional talent. This innovative platform reshapes how you explore and excel in various industries. Whether you're a new grad, a pro wanting to upskill, or eager for a new learning journey, Laimoon is your guide. It connects you with top industry talent and keeps spam emails at bay.

Additional Key Feature:

  • Filters spam emails


Starting from AED 99.

5. Grabjobs

GrabJobs is another standout choice. It streamlines recruitment tasks through a user-friendly system. Post jobs on 20+ boards for free, expand to LinkedIn and Facebook, and even link offline with online via a QR code. The trickiest part – screening candidates – is made easy with GrabJobs' Interview Chatbots. Customize them, get profile-matching scores, and save time. For video interviews, manage schedules, automate reminders, and enhance attendance. Plus, access 10M+ candidates, a 24/7 coach, and smart reports.

Additional Key Features:

  • 24/7 online grabjobs coach
  • Intelligent recruitment reports


Starting from $29 per week to $189 per month.

6. Trakstar

Trakstar is the perfect tool to uncover your company's brightest stars. Trakstar Hire, their top-notch HR software, lets you easily locate the ideal candidates, whether remote, hybrid, or in-person. It handles everything – automatic job postings, candidate profiles, interviews, feedback gathering, and team communication. Crafting job descriptions and sharing them across leading job boards is a breeze. No more email hassle – Trakstar syncs calendars and sets up meetings with your entire hiring team and candidates. Get compliant and efficient with clear hiring reports. Trakstar Hire also provides various reports to optimize your hiring process, track candidates, and identify top performers and sources.

More Features:

  • AI-generated job descriptions
  • Integration with popular career sites and job dashboards
  • Integration with calendars


It is not readily available on the website, you can contact the support team to get a quote. 

7. Indeed

When talking about alternatives to Akhtaboot, it's crucial to mention Indeed. It gives you a tidy candidate list and offers boosted job posts for efficient hiring, saving time. With Indeed, you can use questions and tests to assess skills and easily schedule interviews, all in one spot.

Additional Key Features:

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Applicant Tracking
  • Application Management
  • Assessment Management
  • Billing & Invoicing


Pricing starts from $150/user.

8. LinkedIn

When talking about tools for hiring, LinkedIn is a must-mention. It's the world's biggest professional network with 40+ search options, keywords, and smart matching. You can engage with candidates using the messaging tool, inMail, and make connections. You can also organize candidates and share info with your hiring team.

With LinkedIn's project feature, you keep candidate details in one spot and easily share them. You can also create custom reports for your hiring needs and see how your team recruits.

Other Key Features:

  • Over 40 advanced filters
  • Custom reports
  • InMail performance data


Here are LinkedIn's latest pricing plans:

  • Recruiter Corporate: $10,800 per seat annually (or $1,080 per month)
  • Recruiter Lite: $1,680 per seat annually (or $170 per month)
  • Business Premium (not a Recruiter license): $576 per year (or $60 per month)

9. Glassdoor

If you want your brand to really stand out from competitors, the smart next move is to use Glassdoor. This platform gives you a great chance to show off your unique mission, logo, and other important things that define your brand. Plus, it helps you shape how people see your brand by showing awards, ratings, and reviews. It even gives you useful data to see how your brand is seen. Glassdoor further helps you by showcasing real reviews and responses, building trust with potential candidates.

Additional Key Features

  • Managing ads
  • Job marketplace
  • Customizable branding


Glassdoor has a free plan, but you can get more features with the paid version by contacting their sales team.

10. Workable 

Workable offers top-notch recruitment tools, streamlining processes and automation in a single solution. With a mission to enhance human interaction with technology, Workable empowers companies to find, communicate, and grow efficiently. It not only sources the right talent but also aids in evaluation, interviews, and onboarding. Plus, its AI sourcing is complemented by a Chrome extension to gather profiles from platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter.

Other Key Features:

  • Seamless integration with LinkedIn, Google, and 70+ other apps.
  • Access to numerous hiring templates and tutorials.


Pricing ranges from $149/month to $599/month.




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1. What can I use instead of Akhtaboot?

If you're seeking to streamline your recruitment process and identify top-tier candidates with greater efficiency, Qureos is the best choice when compared to Akhtaboot.

2. Is there a free version of Akhtaboot?

Yes, Akhtaboot offers a free job posting plan.

3. How much does Akhtaboot cost per month?

Akhtaboot has different pricing plans. The most affordable paid option is a one-time job post that lasts for 30 days and costs $149.00.

10 Best Akhtaboot Alternatives in 2024

Alternative: Qureos

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