Forge Genuine Connections with Candidates through Personalized Engagement

Effortlessly create tailored outreach messages and follow up with selected candidates.

Leave a Lasting Impression with Exceptional Candidate Engagement

Iris is your recruitment ally, working like a well-oiled machine to simplify outreach and ensure smooth candidate interactions. It not only allows you to craft and edit personalized messages, but also sends timely follow-ups to keep your candidate engagements on track.

Effortless Personalization

Iris puts the power of personalized outreach in your hands. Craft messages that resonate with your candidates, fostering a deeper connection

Timely Follow-Ups

Timely follow-ups ensure that your candidate interactions remain smooth and responsive, reducing communication gaps and enhancing engagement.

Efficiency and Consistency

Iris maintains a consistent outreach schedule, making it easy to follow up with candidates and clients on time, every time.

Streamlined Communication

Iris simplifies outreach and follow-up management, allowing you to focus on building valuable candidate relationships.