Post Your Job on ZipRecruiter Automatically

Share your job with millions of candidates on ZipRecruiter with just a single click through Iris. No need to sign up on ZipRecruiter!

About ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter USA stands out for its AI-powered approach to job hunting. Over 2.8 million employers use ZipRecruiter USA, with approximately 10,000 new companies joining each month. This leading job board uses a matching system to analyze user interactions and qualifications to identify relevant opportunities. Job seekers can leverage ZipRecruiter's user-friendly search tools and browse millions of listings across various industries. ZipRecruiter offers targeted advertising for employers of all sizes, reaching qualified candidates who are actively seeking new roles. This efficient platform helps businesses fill vacancies faster and find the best fit for their needs.

How It Works

Here’s how you can automatically publish your job on ZipRecruiter in 3 simple steps

Generate Your JD Through AI

Create a comprehensive job description that perfectly matches your requirements with the help of Iris.

Choose Public

Select Public to make your job post visible to candidates on external job boards.

Select ZipRecruiter

Choose the Specific Job Board option, select ZipRecruiter from the dropdown menu, and publish. Your job will now be automatically posted on ZipRecruiter.

Boost Your Hiring Potential by Posting Your Job on ZipRecruiter

Increase Your Reach

Access millions of job seekers to ensure your job postings get maximum visibility.

Get Qualified Candidates:

Use ZipRecruiter’s vast resume database to find the right talent quickly.

Save Time and Resources

Automate your job postings to streamline your recruitment efforts.

Find Jobs at 1,000+ Top Companies