How to Source & Attract Manufacturing Industry Talent in KSA and UAE

Discover how to source and attract top manufacturing talent in KSA and UAE.

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June 5, 2024
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Nawal Malik

According to recruiting statistics, the biggest challenge for 76% of recruiters is attracting quality candidates. As the manufacturing industry in KSA and UAE continues to expand, the demand for skilled talent is at an all-time high. In this competitive landscape, recruiters must adopt innovative strategies to stand out and appeal to qualified professionals.

In this guide, we'll explore some unique and effective methods to source and attract manufacturing talent in the region.

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7 Ways to Source and Attract Manufacturing Industry Talent

Create a Positive Employer Brand

A study by Harvard Business Review revealed that half of all candidates express reluctance to work for a company with a bad reputation, even if offered a substantial salary increase. Therefore, establishing a positive employer brand is essential for attracting manufacturing talent.

Highlight your organization's values, culture, and commitment to employee satisfaction. Conducting an internal audit will help you understand how current and potential employees perceive your company and identify strengths and areas for improvement so you can create a positive workplace reputation.

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Highlight Career Growth Opportunities

Industry 4.0 has revolutionized the manufacturing sector worldwide, including KSA and UAE. Continuous learning and skills development are essential for staying competitive. Highlighting opportunities for professional growth, mentorship programs, and access to training resources can attract candidates eager to advance their careers in the manufacturing industry.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Manufacturing roles can be demanding and usually have long working hours. Candidates looking for a job in the manufacturing industry prefer companies that offer flexible schedules, remote work options, and wellness programs that support employee well-being. This is your chance to shine!

Offering flexible work schedules and remote work opportunities, even on certain days or for specific tasks, will allow employees to balance their personal and professional lives better and increase job satisfaction. 

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Offer Competitive Compensation and Packages

Offering competitive compensation and benefits packages is essential to attract and retain top talent in today's competitive job market. Studies show that the most sought-after candidates are often secured by employers within 10 days. To ensure your organization remains competitive in talent acquisition, conduct thorough market research to ensure your salary and benefits offerings align with industry standards.

Additionally, to attract top candidates, consider offering unique perks and incentives such as healthcare coverage, retirement plans, performance-based bonuses, or on-site childcare.

Collaborate with Educational Institutions

Building strategic partnerships with educational institutions can be a game-changer in sourcing fresh talent for your manufacturing workforce.  By collaborating with schools, colleges, and vocational training centers, you can create internship programs, co-op opportunities, and apprenticeships that offer students valuable hands-on experience in a real-world manufacturing environment.

Furthermore, building relationships with educational institutions helps establish a sustainable talent pipeline, ensuring a steady influx of skilled candidates for your organization's future recruitment needs.

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Highlight Sustainability Initiatives

As environmental concerns continue rising, the manufacturing industry is scrutinized for its ecological footprint. However, this presents an opportunity for companies to distinguish themselves by showcasing their commitment to sustainability. Highlight sustainability initiatives such as eco-friendly practices, waste reduction efforts, and investments in energy-efficient technologies to attract candidates who value environmental responsibility.

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Use AI-Driven Recruitment Platforms

AI-driven recruitment platforms have revolutionized talent acquisition processes in almost all industries, including manufacturing. These platforms leverage advanced algorithms and data analytics and enable employers to automate candidate sourcing, screening, and matching, saving time and resources while ensuring quality hires.

Using platforms like Iris by Qureos can help you streamline your hiring process, identify top talent, and give access to a global pool of skilled professionals.

Sourcing and attracting top talent in the manufacturing industry requires innovative thinking and industry-specific approaches. By combining traditional and unconventional methods, organizations in KSA and UAE can effectively attract top talent and position themselves as employers of choice in the competitive job market.

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