7 Ways to Source and Attract Construction Talent

Find out how to source and attract the best construction talent in KSA and UAE.

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July 9, 2024
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Nawal Malik

Hiring top-tier talent in the construction industry has always been challenging, especially in the bustling markets of KSA and UAE. However, with mega-projects underway and ambitious infrastructures transforming the city skylines, HR professionals and employers faceare facing a recruitment rollercoaster in securing the right candidate.

What are the Recruitment Challenges for the Construction Sector in KSA and UAE?

Before diving into the solutions, we need to understand the root cause of the challenge. Here are a few reasons why sourcing and hiring new talent has become a nightmare for most companies!

1. Shortage of Skilled Individuals: The construction industry is blooming, but the truth is that more skilled individuals are needed to keep up with the demand. There are more job choices than qualified candidates, so if you need someone with experience and expertise, you are expected to pay more. 

2. The Shift in Demographics: With millennials and Gen Z entering the industry, the construction workforce in KSA/UAE is witnessing significant demographic changes. Employers must also adapt and align with national recruitment strategies such as Emiratization and Saudization. 

3. Evolving Job Preferences:  According to statistics, 72% of the workers consider work-life balance a critical factor when choosing a job! It means that workers today need more than a paycheck. They prioritize factors like career growth, work-life balance, and company culture.

But fear not! Within the challenges lie opportunities. In this guide, we'll explore seven actionable ways to help you navigate the talent maze of the construction industry in KSA/UAE.

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7 Ways to Source the Top Construction Talent in KSA/UAE

Leverage Advanced Recruitment Technology

In today’s world of digitization, recruitment technology is proving to be a game changer for HR professionals. Advanced recruitment platforms like IRIS by Qureos will help you access a diverse pool of construction talent. You can use AI-driven candidate matching to find the right match for your company within 24 seconds and streamline your hiring process.

Explore the features of IRIS for more details.

Job Descriptions are Important

Develop detailed job descriptions that highlight your company's unique opportunities. These descriptions should clearly outline and mention the responsibilities, requirements, and opportunities for growth, the unique opportunities your company offers. It should clearly outline and mention the responsibilities, requirements, and opportunities for growth along with the compensation and benefits.

Qureos' JD Generator will help you create well-crafted and comprehensive job descriptions tailored to match your company's tone of voice.

Showcase a Strong Employer Brand

If you don’t have an online presence, you are already dead for most of the candidates. Therefore, make sure to showcase your company's culture, values, and commitment to employee development through social media and other branding platforms.

Highlight testimonials from current employees to build trust and provide insights about your company’s positive work culture.

Learn how to make your employees feel seen by developing a culture of recognition in the UAE.

Networking to Tap into Passive Candidates

According to Global Talent Trends report 2023, around 88% of the employees are open to switching their jobs. Which means that even if a candidate is not actively looking for a new job opportunity, they can still be a valuable asset to your company.

Attending networking sessions and industry events and keeping in touch with professionals through social media platforms can help you connect with passive candidates and expand your talent pool.

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Implement Simple yet Structured Interview Processes

Work on developing structured interview processes to assess candidate’s technical skills, communication and social competencies, and overall fit. Even if the candidate is not the right match, make sure to provide feedback through clear communication. This will help in building a positive candidate experience.

Need some interview inspiration? Explore the Expert Interview Tips by Qureos.

Prioritize Employee Retention Strategies

Although this blog is all about sourcing and attracting new talent, it is imperative to know that retaining top talent is as important as sourcing it. Implement strategies focusingthat focus on career development, mentorship, awards, and employee recognition for your employees. Developing a workplace environment with an emphasis on healthy work-life balance will attract more talent.

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Offer Competitive Compensation and Benefits

The construction industry is rapidly growing, and so are the compensation packages for this niche. When opening up a position, conduct market research to ensure that your packages and offerings match the industry standards. Top candidates will be attracted only if you offer an attractive salary package with added benefits as per the requirement of the role.

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As the construction industry in KSA/UAE continues to evolve, employers and HR professionals need to adapt to the latest recruitment platforms and prioritize inclusive recruitment practices for a healthy work culture.

Let Qureos be your driving force to help you discover a diverse talent pool from across the globe and source the right candidate for your company.

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