📌 How to Add Candidates to Pipeline

You can add candidates to your pipeline to initiate outreach or conduct an AI assessment. Here’s how:

Source Tab

After you have created the job, you will be taken to the Source tab where all your sourced candidates are listed.

Select Candidates

Select the candidate(s) you wish to add to your pipeline.

Add to Pipeline

At the top right corner, click on the 'Add Selected to Pipeline' button. A notification will prompt you that adding candidates to the pipeline unlocks their contact information and enables automated outreach. Each candidate added consumes 1 credit. Click ‘Add to Pipeline’.

Initiate Outreach or AI Assessment

Once candidate(s) are added, you can start automatic outreach or assess them with AI Video Interview.

Unlock Profiles

You could also unlock profiles directly from the Source tab without initiating outreach or AI video interview.

Hope this helps.


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