Employment Contract

Q: What should be included in an employment contract in Oman?

A valid employment contract in Oman must be in writing, include details of the employer and employee, specify the nature of work, duration, salary, allowances, and notice period for termination. It should also be in Arabic or accompanied by an approved Arabic version.

Q: What is the probation period for employees in Oman?

Probation is up to three months for monthly salaried employees and one month for others, and an employee cannot be under probation more than once with the same employer.

Q: When can an employer terminate an employee without notice in Oman?

Termination without notice is allowed for false identity, significant material loss, safety violations, prolonged unjustified absence, disclosure of secrets, crime conviction, intoxication, or failure to meet contractual obligations.

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Q: Can employment contracts be in languages other than Arabic?

 Yes, employment contracts can be in other languages, but they must be accompanied by an Arabic version. The Arabic text prevails in case of any discrepancies.

Q: What is the maximum duration for a fixedterm employment contract in Oman?

 Fixedterm employment contracts in Oman are typically for a maximum duration of two years but can be renewed upon mutual agreement.

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Q: Are verbal employment contracts enforceable in Oman?

Verbal employment contracts are not considered enforceable in Oman. Contracts must be in writing to be legally binding and to ensure clarity and compliance with labor laws.

Q: What should be included in an employee's job description in the contract?

An employee's job description in the contract should include the following: 

  • Job title
  • Duties
  • Responsibilities
  • Any specific tasks or performance standards expected from the employeeS
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Q:  How are employment contract disputes resolved in Oman?

Employment contract disputes in Oman are resolved through mediation by the Ministry of Manpower, and if unresolved, can be taken to the Labour Court for adjudication.

Q: What happens if an employee does not sign the employment contract?

If an employee does not sign the employment contract, it is considered invalid, and the employee cannot claim the benefits or protections stipulated in the contract. The employer must ensure the contract is signed to formalize employment.

Q: Can an employer unilaterally change the terms of an employment contract?

An employer cannot unilaterally change the terms of an employment contract. Any amendments must be mutually agreed upon by both the employer and the employee and documented in writing.