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Company Overview

Because of COVID-19, education for children became stressful for low to middle-income parents in Gujarat, India. Due to a lack of online educational resources, the founder of Pented wanted to create a seamless learning experience for the students of Gujarat and consequently, they were able to develop an online application “Pented” - a learning app with an aim to reach every student from the most populated urban areas to the remotest parts of villages.
Pented App Value Offerings

  • Gamification with Points
  • Live Lectures
  • Question Videos
  • Doubt Solution
  • Digital and Printed Material
  • Weekly Test Series
  • Model Question Papers
  • Leaderboard

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Project Overview

Pented offers online education and innovative learning solutions by experts to students in India. It has a mobile app with 10K downloads already. For this project, Pented expects you to redesign its mobile app for an enhanced user experience, helping students learn more effectively.
4 Hours
Efforts / Hours

Project Mentor

Kartik Singh
Product Designer

Project Tasks

To begin solving the challenge at hand, you will undertake the following steps
Part #1
Create a User Journey
Create an entire user flow by which students can go through the subjects, chapters and topics they want and track their learning progress.
Part #2
Create Feature Designs
Create screens for features’ designs like weekend doubt sessions, live classes, catalogue of question papers and test series.
Part #3
Design Payment Journey
Map out the payment journey for students going from free to premium version of the app.
Part #4

Project Takeaways

  • Develop problem-solving skills.
  • Boost design thinking process.
  • Design an intuitive user experience and interfaces.
  • Get feedback from design experts.

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