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Leverage data analysis to identify key customer insights and improve retention rates to fuel business growth.

Company Overview

Project Overview

Over the past year, your employer has experienced a decline in the number of returning customers and a corresponding decline in revenue. To investigate, the company leveraged customer feedback and surveys and determined that the decline in retention rates is likely due to a combination of factors, including; a lack of variety in our product offerings, poor customer service, and increased competition from other retailers. As a Data analyst, your employer invites you to explore the factors contributing to the decline in retention rates and identify potential solutions to improve retention and increase revenue.
Your employer
8 hours
Efforts / Hours

Project Mentor

Eliud Nduati
Data Analyst

Project Tasks

To begin solving the challenge at hand, you will undertake the following steps;
Part #1
Data Cleaning and Processing
Clean, organize and prepare data for analysis & building narratives.
Part #2
Data Modeling
Visualize data to build trends, patterns, and statistics to identify factors contributing to low customer retention.
Part #3
Data Analysis and Reporting
Use data insights, patterns & statistical evidence to propose solutions to increase customer retention.
Part #4

Project Takeaways

  • Gain hands-on experience with real-world data analytics.
  • Leverage analytical tools to propose solutions that aid business development.
  • Get feedback on your project from data experts in a 1:1 mentoring session.
  • Build a portfolio that makes you stand out to recruiters.

How will this project help you?

This project will empower you to:

  • Analyze customer feedback to make informed business decisions.
  • Leverage data analysis to identify blockers in customer retention & propose solutions.
  • Enhance your decision-making abilities by using data to forecast potential outcomes of various solutions.

Employers look for fresh graduates who demonstrate skills acquired through experiential learning on their portfolios.

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